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WhyteQuill Station , Secret Island


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http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Secret Island/207/132/21

If you're looking for a cozy sim to drag out the Christmas spirit this sim is right for you. It is a riding sim dedicated to the winter theme. Don't wait too long as they change the track with the seasons. 

When you enter the sim you are greeted with a cozy barn with horses and the MC board. While exploring this beginning part of this sim there were several things that popped out at me. The first being the horse barn. From reliable sources I've been informed the breedable horses are a family run business. A wonderful selection if I have seen any. Plus there is also rezable horses to ride. Perfect for a winter stroll among the cabins.

Another interesting location on this level of the Sim is the Memorial to those who have fallen in 911 and the bombings of Kabul. It was a very beautiful memorial and worth stopping for a look and read. 

As we work our way around the first level we will also take note of the game area and the childrens playground. Then we begin to head upwards to the next level.

On level two we come to a city area complete with full size stores selling bike merchandise. In the central area is a sitting area in the form of a park. A turn to the left then a turn to the right and were headed back up.

Going up into the third level we pass through a fenced area and right into a jungle theme. As we wind our way through the jungle we come across quite a few sections on different platforms areas that hold monkeys and gorillas. Complete with jungle gyms these family raised marsupials can be seen playing around the area as you drive by.

Leaving this area and continuing on the the next we come to a mountain resort theme. This area is complete with the log cabins and warm comforting fires. Driving through this area bring you home to the winter cabin feel in the mountains. The further up you go the higher into the mountains you are. There is also a large cabin with a large fireplace setup for large gatherings.

Heading out of the mountains we change into a cartoon world ripe with the season. We now enter whoville a complete replica straight out of the book. We have the Dr Seuss homes trees and even the people are from the famed childhood tale. As we wind our way through the village right in the center we even have the iconic whoville christmas tree with whos singing around it. The journey doesn't stop there as we continue our journey up we even catch a glimpse of Cindy Lou Who and her family plus the mean ole Mr. Grinch. If you can't tell this area is by far my favorite. However as with all things we must continue on.

The next area that we happen upon is a marshlands type area complete with homes on stilts. The background is starlight mountainous scene with a lake. As we traverse this track we begin to find ourselves with more perilous areas of track. Broken road that seems to have fallen into the water. Quite ingenious. Another thing to note here is the quite large area to stop and rest. 

When we transition to the next area it is much the same as the last area except for the lack of water. This area is more like plains than wetlands. This area has sharp turns but besides that a gentle scenic ride. There is a beautiful gazebo to even relax at and take a load off while enjoying the scenery.

This next section makes all the others dull in comparison for riding purposes. This is the challenging part of the track. Complete with tricky jumps and a daring triple loop it certainly took me through my paces. The theme here is a city park feel complete with stone walls for the track and old fashioned lighting to light our way. Kinda felt like driving through central park with a challenge lol. If you find the Loops too much for you fear not because they were kind and placed a bypass.

Once we battle our way through the parks obstacles and burst into the next area we are met with more of the same park theme only now we have reached the top of the Sim. Complete with reindeer and a gazebo we have reached our destination. Be sure to tip so that they can continue bringing us more themed Sims in the future.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 386 days.

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