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Ghost Mountian, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GHOST%20MOUNTAIN/248/77/23


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When you first land in Ghost Mountian riding course you have a picturesk view of scenic pine trees ad log cabins all covered in snow. After wandering around and doing some exploring the bottom part of the sim I discovered a motorcycle shop, horse trail with a horse rezzer, and a water ride.

The Water Ride will lead you through a very scenic fishy winding track that is a must see. Giving out a free breathing mechinism so you wont drown while underwater. Much apreciated.

Once back up on the other side where you rez in at I decided to take the oportunity to forgo the bike and place a different type of beast between my thighs. There was a wide selection of horses to choose from in their rezzer but I decided to choose honey who tends to be my favorite. It was a lovely walk and though I could have chosen a different pace to go it was nice to slow things down for once and take in the countryside.

The second level which could have easily been atained by both horse and motorcycle easily enough is home to their horse barn and areana. If you are needing a place to house your horse here would be a place. Beautiful countryside to run your steed and plenty of trails. They also boast of auctions I have heard if you are interested in that sort of thing.

After making my rounds with the single horse power I deciced it was high time I put a few more back between my legs and said goodbye to honey and hopped back on my ride.

I speed through the second level and was amazed to a stop a the third level. It was just like being back at the fair. It was a circus theme with rides and games and several chalenge courses. In one corner as well was a spot where you could sky dive with free parachutes available.

After reliving my childhood and playing some put put I decided to move on to the next level. Soaring higher on my motorsteede I knew the next level was one from my worst nightmares as I passed a little house and a tornado.

Then my worst dreams came true and over the rainbow rang in my head. There in front of me was the yellow brick road and everything. As sims go it was well done having the two sepperate directions to choose from one headed off in the direction of the yellow brick road and the other headed off to the red brick road. I figured I would be silly and take the red and found it led back around to the yellow after giving a cute little message. Ill leave that detail out so you can read it yourselves when you get there. 😉. As you follow the Yellow Brick Road up round and round, higher and higher, you get to meet all the different characters from the movie. Dont get lost in the corn field and you do just fine. Eventually you find the Emerald city and Good Witch who points you the way home, or in your case the next level.

This one is interesting. Durring my rides so far I have seen paintball courses but I have not seen one this well detailed. It is a wild west themed and it incorporates the track into it. In fact the track becomes a dirt trail that winds through the old west town  that has people standing around. Warning if you by chance hit those people, they will explode. (its kinda funny) If you plan to paintball there I recomend it. lots of places to hide and great cover for an all out assult.

Going up and out of the chaos of the paintball wild west wars (lol) its a lot more sireene in the marketplace. This place is fill with everything that would tickle your fancy from clothing down to food items up to vehicles. You should check it out. It is really a neat find.  I spent almost an hour there and I still dont know if I saw everything they had.

continuing on brought me out of the country and into a city it wasnt a huge city but it was quaint. Nothing much to report on that part of the sim. Moving on.

Inbetween the city level and the next level up there is a cute little rest stop with a diner. Wonderful Idea to just sit and take a break for a minute. The only sugestion I would add to the diner is maybe add some table and chairs. It was a little empty in that reguard. It would have been nice to just sit down and enjoy a milkshake or old fashoned soda from a prop in the diner. Just a sugestion.

After my break I headed on beginning to feel a chill in the air I noticed that the landscape around me had changed to Ice and snow and I was in a winter wonderland. It was spectatular. I always enjoy a ride in clean crisp air and this day was no exception. Words can not give discription to the beauty. You will just have to go see it for yourself.

As I left whe winter Wonderland I began to feel as if I was in a different wonderland entirely and not the entirely good kind. An Alice in Wonderland kind. Right off the bat as you enter this part of the sim you have a warning sign with a teleporter to the next level if you do not wish to participate. Being I would be writing about the Sim I chose to partake in the trial. What a trial. Roads everywhere and the signs give you no indication of weather or not you are going in the correct direction. All I can say is just look for up and keep that in you mind at all times. I have no clue how I made it past the gardens I guessed lol. It was fun though and I have heard that there are worse ones. I found the exit and wound my way up to the next level. 

I will point out here that this level it says that it is under construction. So I assume that there is more to come of it, maybe. This area is tron and I loved it I spent 30 minutes just zooming around the center loops before heading up the next ramp to see what lied next. and what lied next was...

The END. It was a blast and I hope you all enjoyed the ride with me. I will be back soon with another ride. The holidays have kept me hopping so hopefully we'll see you again next week with another new ride. Till then toodles.

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