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THE HARRISON FAMILY NETWORK OF CLUBS presents The Jackal R&C Club (presently closed-moderate sim) & T-N-T Rock & Oasis Club and Rentals (adult sim) Providing a laid-back atmosphere to enjoy the tunes! Looking for work? We are hiring ALL positions IMMEDIATELY!!!  Staff is expected to work no more than 3 permanent sets per week - filling in as often as they wish.   In both clubs, naughty bits must be covered.  You may be required to interview and/or audition for immediate placement (to be determined by Owners upon hiring).

T-N-T Rock Club & Oasis offers a laid-back tropical vibe to wash your cares away. Explore our ¼ carnival packed with rides, food, and games or you can relax at our table games:  Texas Hold’em, Greedy, Hand & Foot, Spades, Sorry and more.  If you’re feeling lucky – you can even try your luck with Diablo.  Looking for a place to lay your head?  We have semi-private beach homes and private homes for rent. Come enjoy rockin’ tunes in an open-air club, sway to music on our Party Yacht or enjoy a romantic quiet evening with your loved ones in our Ballroom – all of these attractions can be explore at our full region.  If shopping is what you desire – we have a small shopping village that you can walk around – even rent your own shop.  Stores such as Harrison This & That, T-NT- Rock Club, Xtasy Toys and Laura’s Looks are ready to help with your shopping needs. We have a beautiful view of the ocean from every angle - bring your friends, hang out with our staff and enjoy the hottest mixed tunes on the grid.  

We are hiring all staff and looking forward to meeting you. Our positions available are:  
>> All DJs are required to have their own stream, voice on mic, and interact with VIPs (Various Times Available); 100% tips - experienced preferred. 
>> All Hosts will be friendly, energetic, and interactive with VIPs/guests (Various Times Available); 100% tips - no experience necessary - must be willing to learn. 
>> Managers at all levels (Assistant General Manager, DJ Manager, Host Manager and Managers on Duty) work closely with Owners, expected to  be in the club daily, at least 2 to 4 hours; paid position after 2 weeks - 6 months experience preferred. 

T-N-T Rock Club (adult sim)  - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Party/60/205/24

Rocky Sutera (rocky.milodanic) – GM/Live Performer

** OWNERS **
DJ Tim (timmyhh1)- Owner/DJ 
Tara  (taraxxholenme) - Co-Owner/Hosty

Full Club.png

TNT Hire Board.jpg

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 91 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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