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Unbeatable Prices and Quality!

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All rentals are at a 1L/1prim ratio to use upon the already beautifully landscaped spacious parcels with top quality homes!           


                Welcome to .TheEstate. Adult Community 
                                      Est. March 2020

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Outset Island/231/191/22

       "An innocent looking-place where nothing is as it seems"


.The Estate. is a diverse mix of personalities and desires, set in a town environment on the ground level and a more urban setting on a second level.

For those who enjoy turning innocent environments into something more ''interesting''. Plenty of public spots to enjoy on both levels: Bar, Clinic, Club, Coffee Shop, Dungeon, Gym, Hotel, Parks, Pool, Spa, The Old Estate, Diner, Laundromat, Model Agency, Motel, Peep-o-rama, Police Department, Porn Studio, Port, Warehouse, Weed Store. 

This seemingly well-mannered community has many skeletons in its closet. Either you like to be predator or prey. Come build your story! 


All rentals are at a 1L/1prim ratio!

Rentals at .OutsetIsland. Parceled off with Security Orbs
llorisen Faye Townhouses - 300L/week 300prims
Roost Briar Wick Houses - 600L/week 600prims
Roost Oak Well Houses - 600L/week 600prims
Roost Spain House - 800L/week 800prims
Roost Bella Vista House - 1000L/week 1000prims
Roost North Yarrow House - 1200L/week 1400prims
Roost East Ives House - 1400L/week 1400prims
Onsu Westport House - 1400L/week 1400prims
Scarlet Creative Magicae House - 1800L/week 1800prims

Rentals at .PortCity.
Danger Gum Motel Apartments - 50L/week 50prims
Urban Jungle Penthouses - 100L/week 100prims
Urban Jungle Brownstones - 200L/week 200prims
Urban Jungle Brownstones with Basement - 300L/week 300prims



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Brand New Houses for RENT. On spacious already landscaped plots with only the best quality homes! And with a generous 1L/1prim ratio to decorate as you please!


- 600L/600prims per week




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