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I write things, so I'm looking to make a few lindens.

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I wanna make a few lindens. I'm an average writer, so I don't proclaim to be a professional. I'm also doing this to build samples for collage and my writing related courses, and I also want to improve my own writing. 

  • I do write fan fiction.
    •  I tend to know a lot about shows, movies, video game, comics, and most books. 
    •  If I don't know something I'll let you know.
  •  I do write in any genre.
    • No topic is off limit when it comes to story. 
    • If a topic isn't something I'm familiar with I will tell you. 
    • If a genre isn't something I'm knowledgeable about I'll inform you. 
  • I do review fiction and fan fiction stories. 
  • I do work with your original concepts. 
  • I don't create original concepts for you.
    • Note: However, fan fiction is an exception.
  •  I don't write poetry(I haven't taken a course for poetry and my current writing for it isn't great).
  •  I don't write essays(cause I'm not doing your homework for you). 
  • I don't do paid roleplay partnerships(I do that for free in roleplay sims that I'm actively in.)]
  • Payment for a chapter is 1000L(we can negotiate the price, but you won't receive the full piece until the final payment is made). Your 100L is the start fee. 

If you're interested in stuff like this, then let me know. 

We can negotiate the price and length, but you'll receive a sample. The start fee is 100L. You will receive a sample between 1 or 3 days. If you do not like the sample you get your funds back(however, I get to keep the sample and use it however I see fit. So we both win and my writing doesn't go to waste. PLEASE keep in mind that I'll own the adaption of the portion I wrote if it is non-fan-fiction, except character/race names and places). Funds will not be returned for completed orders.) Samples will vary depending on your order, but you will get more than one sample to work with during each stage of the writing process. You can make suggestions. Also, please keep in mind that samples are rough drafts. 

Feel free to contact me via my username in Second Life (BloodSparda) if you're interested in this. Feel free to bring the rock. . . okay maybe that was lame. 



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 292 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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