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Executive/Personal Assistant Wanted


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Seeking a Executive/Personal Assistant for a new project I am starting. 

About the Position/Duties:

The executive Assistant position will work closely with myself the Head Manager of the group. As this is a new project I am starting, the main task will Include helping with many of the start up activities. Duties Include writing up note cards and descriptions. Posting across forums and different groups. Handling different Inquiries, responding to messages and notes. Handling and scheduling of appointments and meetings. Looking through the market place and other areas for Items that will be needed. Making and maintaining files and notes on different contacts and events made and done by the group. As I plan rapid expansion of the group, the executive secretary will manage any future staff that Immediately fall under my office. This position will be basically my right hand and so a good working relationship is needed. Management of finances, pay and budgets for my office.


Good organizational skills are necessary

Ability to keep files and notes organized neatly is a must.

I have no specific time requirements, it's really when needed and I will not consume vast amounts of time. just responding to matters in a timely manner.

Have a desire to help grow a project and in turn grow with it.

Outgoing, friendly and professional attitude. Must be able to work well in groups.

Minimal management skills needed for ability to manage and supervise growing staff.

Ability to Manage some finances and budgets for the office.


Pay will be determined after Interview and a offer of employment is made. Pay will be fair for the work I am asking.

A dividend for personal items that may be needed for the position including a new wardrobe and office supplies.

A personal office in a lavish building.

Ability to grow within the group with eventual raises in pay. Loyalty and commitment are rewarded.


If you are interested please drop me a message/note inworld at AlolaMonroe which includes.

  • Name
  • How long you have been on SL in total.
  • Skills you feel would make you a fit for the position
  • Prior SL or RL working experience that would make you a better fit for the position.
  • Hobbies or Interest
  • Time availability and Time zone


Please dismiss the new status of this account, I have not played in years and forgot the old password and made a new one. I will respond promptly and schedule Interviews.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1351 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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