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September 22nd at The Collarsseum Club

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Sunday     🎧  September 22nd  🎧 


🆆🅷🅴🆁🅴: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bondage%20Bay/155/81/42

               Radio Plays Erotic Readings 8-9 AM SLT
               Radio plays Rock 11-3 PM SLT
               DJ Amor    2-4 pm slt      Host: Debra


DJ Amor plays Hip Hop, Rnb, Latin, Rock, Pop, Old Skool and Ballroom/Romance. 

He says: Leaving a legacy here for playing music is not an accomplishment cause I have a RL legacy already, its called children.  The only accomplishments I care about in this game as a DJ  are meeting, uniting, sharing, and getting people to dance under the banner of music. I understand some people may not have things like a RL job, or arent able to physically dance anymore but since nobody is turning a profit for real in SL in clubs then its all about the music, the love, and the people for sure!

Join him for a great party!


              DJ Masters  4-6 pm slt    Contest: Leather & Lace
             Sponsor: Empire Apparel Inc. 500L on the board

DJ Masters is running a Leather & Lace contest today sponsored by Empire Apparel Inc. 500L on the board. His host Caitlynn is a ball of fun and they can't wait to meet you.

He is the Owner of the Collarsseum club, John0than's Studio & Galleria. His favorite saying is "Say what you mean and do what you say". Remember there are real ppl on the other side of the avatar. 

Join them for a great party!

              DJ Dream 6-8 pm slt  HOST: Caitlynn 


DJ Dream loves to play that pop/dance music that makes you groove and move but she plays what she feels so every now and then you may get a surprise. Join her and her host, Caitlynn for some serious fun.

DJ Dream has been in SL a very long time, she's a creator, a slave in both lives and entered the BDSM scene as soon as someone would let her in the door. Her favorite quotes are: "Also, I can kill you with my brain." and "Noah's ark is a problem. We'll have to call it "early quantum state phenomenon." Only way to fit five thousand species of mammal on the same boat." If you can name the character who said them, she'll likely squeal with glee. She believes music can speak the words that we cannot.

              Radio plays Romance only   11 pm - 5 am slt


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1357 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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