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Valuable Sky Rental: Full Privacy, Set Your Own Music URL

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We offer reasonably-priced sky platform rentals.


Full privacy

Unlike many other sky rentals, people outside your parcel cannot see you.

We provide security orbs that cover entire parcel from the ground to the sky.


High flexibility

You can enjoy music streaming with your favorite url.

Land name and description on About Land are modifiable.

You can put your own house and decorate around it as you like.

You can toggle the textures of the screen with the control panel or put your own texture instead.


Affordable price

L$ per prim rate is only 0.7/w or less, a lot of prims are available for minimum expense.


The number of available parcels is limited so please don’t miss this opportunity.


L$740/w  1142 prims  3328 sqm. 




L$705/w  1076 prims  3136 sqm.




L$472/w  692 prims  2016 sqm.



Please visit the property, touch the rental box and read the covenant before renting.

Feel free to contact Victor (VictorEdenfield) for any inquiries.


We have more affordable yet beautifully-designed properties for sale and rent in both mainland and private regions.

Visit our in-world office for more information.



D'Vine Eden Real Estates:

"Find paradise in Second Life"


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