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ROLE - Gallery and Media Operations Sales Asst. GM Saught! This is a position for a highly motivated, reliable ,responsible,hard working and dynamic person who is looking to start with a well established yet growing company with further expansion plans.
The position is ideally suited to someone in a similar position currently working within a luxury boutique setting and who has responsibility for driving sales, overseeing staff schedules, managing the day to day running of an independent luxury retailer and working management and board of ownership.
It would be important to have local ties to this community for outreach,events with charities and a proven sales track record. Please be very well presented,willing to learn the product quickly and have knowledge or deep interest in gemstone and pearl based jewelry,photo and other services. Apply Online via our Hr page and App link @blazingirisconsulting.com. 

Gallery and Operations Sales Asst. GM Saught! will manage all aspects of the retail store operation, including supervising all store associates. The successful candidate will possess the ability to:
*Manage profitability, business planning and sales forecasting
*Manage a team
*Formulate and successfully execute event and promotional marketing concepts

*Ability to define strategies for maximizing sales and profits within the store
*Ability to motivate Fine Art Consultants, create loyalty to the brand and promote sell-thru
*Strong understanding of and connections within the gallery’s market
*Ability to develop and execute viable marketing and event concepts
*Strong negotiation skills (with vendors, tour operators, etc.)
*Strong issue resolution skills
*Strong leadership skills
*Strong communication skills with staff, customers, and corporate office
*Customer focused: Dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers

*Sales Generation: Tracks, maintains & achieves monthly, quarterly and  annual sales targets with report formatting.
*Sets individual sales goals for DESIGN SALES AGENTS, ensuring goals reflect gallery business goals.
*Continuously motivates sales staff to meet assigned sales and productivity goals.
*Conducts trainings on a continuous monthly rotation to enhance product knowledge and sales techniques in order to maximize sell-thru.
*Demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the merchandise; ensures selling staff is fluent in all aspects of product knowledge
*Demonstrates sales leadership for staff by playing an active role on the selling floor
*Manages annual marketing budget – formulates marketing strategies, works closely with corporate-based marketing teams to drive approved concepts through to completion.
*Formulates event ideas for Senior Manager’s review; executes approved initiatives. Works closely with corporate-based public relations team to execute in-store press and brand events

*Controls store expenses and maintains budgets, continually striving to reduce costs
*Communicates inventory needs (including artwork not displayed) to support the business goal
*Monitors the movement of all inventory and ensures that the company adheres to all
*Ensures staff is trained in all areas of appropriate register usage and maintenance
*Ensures facility maintenance, presentation and organization
*Builds, initiates and maintains effective and continual communication with Senior Manager, Galleries and members of corporate office
*Exhibits proficiency in computer programs used by the Company including: Word, Excel and POS system( Social media Google or Microsoft or other cloud spreadsheet knowledge helpful)

-Minimum of 1-4 years previous store management experience encompassing all of the essential job functions listed above
-Previous experience working in a luxury retail environment required
-Demonstrated ability to increase sales and build revenue and profitability
-Demonstrated ability to develop and execute marketing, promotional and event strategies
-Demonstrated experience with training, developing and retaining sales staff
-Ability to adeptly manage multiple projects simultaneously with strong attention to detail
-Demonstrated ability to communicate with customers, co-workers, and business contacts in a courteous and professional manner
-Ability to work independently with minimal supervision and can keep track of  ones own work activity.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2503 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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