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I'm in need of some things to help with an RP i'm putting together. I will list the things I need and if it has already been made or know of someone who can make it for me PLEASE let me know! Also feel free to ask me for additional information about what I want from the product or for information about the RP.

P.S. I can't upgrade my membership right now so if you also know of any locations that are relatively private so we can practice the RP undisturbed that would be GREAT! Location must allow for box rezzing and mature content.

Here is my list:

1. Banshee/Ghost type powers - white/translucent aura, fog/mist that appears when teleporting and/or when summoned, screaming/wailing, howling wind to go along with the mist. Then for a unique twist a spell book with things specific to this RP.

2. Tattered clothes - Specifically a tattered top. I'm open to it being for male and female but I really need it for the female. Think 16-17th century era meets shipwreck/pirate. I can go into further detail in private message.

3. HUD that turns you into a Banshee (females only) - Kinda like the vamp ones but specific to this RP. 

4. HUD that turns you into a reaper (males only) - same thing as with the banshee one. I will go into further detail on both in private message only.

5. Color changing hair - I'm looking for the colors blood red, medium shade brown, shock white, and the medium brown with blood red streaks or tips. So either a HUD that can make the transition between colors not so clunky or just a pack with these colors in it will do.

6. Makeup and skin - this one I'm open to suggestions. Nothing too pale, I'm thinking Celtic but with at least a bit of a tan. If it's possible to do so this could go with a hair color changing HUD since in mythology Banshee's are able to change their appearance at will. Can be discussed further in private message.

I think that's it but if something else pops into my head I will add it. I want to keep as much of my ideas as private as possible so that's why I want to save talking about the finer details for private chat. Just leave a comment here if you are interested in helping me and are going to contact me so I know who to expect a message from. Also leave a comment if you have already seen something close to what I'm looking for already in the game and I can find it whatever place for whatever price. Thank you in advance!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2685 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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