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An opening Community which keeps growing!

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 Esperian Living is an ever-growing RP community which believes that the realms are more than just what we've come so used to seeing. Here, anything can happen and everything that is "Myth" blooms into reality. Unlock the door into a realm of wonder, fantasy, amazement and delight while meeting and greeting creatures from all walks of life.


We embrace all those which wish to help make this community even better. Those who do not RP are still welcome as most individuals here are very casual and kind! There are plenty of attractions which exist within Esperia! Here are some locations you may just enjoy.


Town Square


The center of town and location with the most hustle, bustle and movement. Visit local shops and hang out by the fountain, meet up with people of both new and old! Voice is active so people are likely to just walk up and say hello or wave politely, so hopefully you'll feel the warm welcoming air of the residents of Esperia! Anyone is welcome to explore~ ♥


Within the Square there are a few shops open for rent but here's a few examples of shops which can be found already!

Arcana Studios: Esperia's very own photo studio run and owned here in town. Prices are low and affordable but quality is the best around, at least to everyone's opinion that just takes a peak! Check it out!

Crazzleberry: Owned by a local Esperian Resident, CrazzleBerry shows different styles of clothing for both Mesh and Base avatars! Lovely designs and theri signature shimmer sequin clothes are absolutely amazing! Here's a small example!

Getcha Gotcha: A local Gocha resale store which can be used by the entirety of the community owned by teh Estate owner herself! Nothing goes on Market place, it's just in town. Located right next to CrazzleBerrt so it's not hard to find at all! Drop by for rares at cheep prices for all forms and figures!

Here's where it is, nothing fancy just yet!


Live Event Open Area

Depending on events, decorations are subject to change but live DJs, bands, singers and entertainers of all kinds can be found here! Most events will start off meeting here or near here, including Esperia's very own Thursday Slug Races!

[Yes this is a thing, Slugs and participation are completely free!]


Le Petite Joie Cafe

Welcome to Le Petite Joie Cafe, a local cafe located on the edge of the town's Live Event space! Normally a calm and quiet, casual meet up place slightly away from it all. There's even more seating space upstairs where there is a lovely piano which plays for everyone's listening pleasure. Enjoy and relax over a nice cup of tea and some snacks!


Club Avalon

Esperia's very own and absolutely adored, Club Avalon! A very active hang out spot, normally having guests just hanging around to hang out, relax and enjoy the beats played by the club's owner! Enjoy a mix of all kinds of music from rock, metal and scream to pop, trance, trap and hip-hop. Anything and everything can be found here! There are also game tables on the roof if dancing isn't really your thing! Enjoy and have fun exploring!


Residentials in Esperia

More than anything, Esperia is a community meant for all ages! Residential locations are based upon prim usage, thus it can be incredibly cheap. All you have to do is sit down with a realestate agent or Esperian Managemen. We will work with you throughout the process to get you in the best living space for you! There are plenty of locations for all to enjoy and there is certainly more to come! Major updates are posted to everyone in the Esperia Estate, be it visitors or residents! We want it all to be wonderful for everyone possible so please do not hesitate to ask any and all questions on your mind!


Esperian Living Headquarters

For any and all information for the rest of the land including open rentals and hanging out, becoming a member of the community as a visitor, resident or even a shop owner, one just has to drop by here! More often than not the owner of the Estate is around and easily contactable if not another member of staff. All information is given upon walking into the building so please, don't hesitate! Want to pop right in and explore?

Click Here!


Thank you very much for taking the time to look through this!

♥Hope to see you soon!♥


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2746 days.

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