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I am currently in search for vendors offering affiliates at either free or reasonable prices. I am looking for at least a 40% split on our end from these vendors. Here is a little about the place the vendors will become available:


We are currently working on a club. This club will be specifically focused for the SugarDaddy/Sugar babies, and others in such a lifestyle within SecondLife. The club will likely be bookable for events, as well as holding our own. We, myself and my two partners, are currently in search of vendors that fit the following criteria:


Mesh Clothing - Upscale, high class, dresses, designer. We are looking for well crafted, well textured items of a mesh nature, preferable items that ALSO fit on most mesh bodies, i.e. Maitreya, slink, etc.


Jewelry - Well textured, well-built items. fine jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earings, etc. etc. 


Tattoos/Makeups - Appliers are a plus, but not required. Omega, Catwa, etc. Looking for Makeup and Tattoos that are well crafted, and done in taste.


Body Parts/Mesh Body - Let me be clear on this. I am not in search of any X rated body bits. No "vaginas" no "Penial" attachments. Breasts, mesh bodies, feet, hands, eyes. Well made.


Any other affiliate program deals you feel would fit well in this setting. I will bring them to my partners and discuss them. 


What we would like to set up:


Because of the lifestyle we cater to in our location it is an important feature that these vendors be GIFTABLE. That is the ability for individuals to purchase GIFT items from the vendor. If your affiliate program does not include gift items, perhaps there is a way we can work out transferring the items to a vendor that does allow gifting. 


It is important to note that we will be narrowing the list of vendors who apply, and those we have found, to only one or two of each type. We intend to specifically vend for specific locations we all choose together, and will work completely with the designer for advertising, and publicity, in exchange for gift ability vendors, and the like.


To give me your store information please either send me an IM or notecard in world at: Selfabsorbedzombieaddict 

I will return all IMs as I am able. If there are any questions, comments, or you are unable to IM in world, please feel free to leave a comment here, or mail me. :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2769 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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