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New cannabis themed event center looking for qualified staff.

sirobone Serevi

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sevenTEN is a new cannabis themed event center/club. And we are hiring for all positions. We are looking for people with experience to start because they will be running the whole show. We have taken much time and effort on creating a rad venue, that is TRUE cannabis/dab culture. From the REAL brands that are in the real world cannabis culture. We will be doing normal club events like you already see in SL, but we will also be doing cannabis events too. The goal is to be the first virtual cannabis event. There is already a lot of buzz on this place in the real world, and i am looking for the right people to building something special. 

Please copy/paste this application below into a notecard, and name it with your name, and the possition you're wanting, then send it to either or Jrenee Latte or sirobone Serevi. 


Thank you for inquiring about the position(s) here at sevenTEN. Please Fill out the entire Application in Full.

We are building a Cannabis Themed event center. We are apart of the real cannabis/dab community, and we wanted to utilize Second Life and it's platform as another type of social media site of sorts, for all of our friends and companies in the real world. But obviously way more interactive, and a lot more fun. Jrenee and I started back into SL around February 2016 again, after a long 3 year break. (we both started the same night. Halloween 2007) I have this huge feeling that the Oculus Rift and other VR headsets are going to REALLY turn things on it's head. And a platform like secondlife was the first thing that popped into my head. This place is going to be rocking in the next few months id bet. Anyway, it was a perfect opportunity to get back into creating something awesome. And here we are. trying to find RAD people like yourselves, to work at our event with us!

We are currently looking to fill the positions below. We don't have a staff yet, so we are looking to hire the right people to make some magic happen here. We really need dedicated knowledgeable staff to start. So we can have people who know how to train people with less experience.

We are building up something special here, and we want to build a family type atmosphere, as far as the team/staff go's. So we want the right people to make that happen. if we find it, we will be more than generous and spread the wealth. We want you to be happy here. We WANT people to want to work for us. But we also need the right type of people to make it fun. Both for the visitors, as well as for you, the team. We DON'T want you getting online thinking... "ohh man, got to do another day of this BS". We want you excited to want to come to work. And we want you to make a LOT of money if possible! And the most important thing is we need to you to have fun doing it. And we really want to build lasting relationships with our staff. But it is a process to work out the kinks, and much of it will be on the people we hire. That is why we want to find the right people. Is that you?!?!! We hope so!

Remember this place will be ran by you guys. People we hire have a VERY VERY important part in this. You guys are the engine that makes this all run. It's a big responsibility that comes with great reward if you guys do it right! I am not saying it will always be easy and fun. But we can strive for it everyday regardless. And learning the craft is something i hope you would want to do. The more you understand about your position, the better you can get at it. And the better we ALL do. Thats the attitude i want the staff to have. To always push for the best. Our customers deserve it. And it will reward you for doing it.

All Applications will be reviewed by a couple people before final approval. So please don't worry if we haven't gotten back to you right away. It's a process we take seriously.

The % is based off position. And the position is based off experience. But the percentages go as follows...

MANAGER: 90% of the tips. (10% for the house)
HOST: 80% of the tips (20% for the house)
DJ: 90% of the tips (10% for the house)
DANCERS: 75% of the tips (25% for the house)

And the best part is you guys will have the power to make as much or as little as you want by the dedication you show. You do your jobs as good as possible, and people will tip you as much as possible. If we get to where this whole;e thing turns into a nice big profit for the owners, you can BET we will share that wealth HAPPILY! So lets come together, and make something special. Cause you really have that power!

sirobone Serevi - Owner
Jrenee Latte- Owner
(maybe you)- Manager


RL Age:

Time Zone:


Personal References:

Employer References:

Have you ever worked for the position(s) you're applying for?

Please explain:

Do you know how to emote:

How long you been on SL:

What hours are you available SL time:

Can you give me an example of an emote:

Please give detailed info on your past experiences doing the position(s) you're applying for:

Do you know much of the cannabis culture?

Have you attended real life cannabis events?

Do you think dabbing is a dance? If so, you may not understand the culture yet. (but thats okay, you can learn)

Anything else you want us to know?


PLEASE forward your applications to either, and/or sirobone Serevi, or Jrenee Latte.

Feel Free to go check out the venue.

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