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Photography SUPERSTAR Wanted ♥


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Lovely Flutters Studios


Lovely Flutters Studios has been a growing business for the past 4 years, with it starting as a small hobby business and now flourishing as a well nurtured photography studio Brianne (Owner) is now seeking to employ a photographer to assist her with the demands of her ever growing business.

Lovely Flutters Studios is a company that is aimed at making peoples dreams come true and showcasing how beautiful each and everyone of us are.

She is seeking the right person for this position which will include but is not limited to:


  • Ability to work with clients to fulfill their needs and wishes

  • Ability to take good quality high resolution photos - Must know how to take photos out of a green and/or white screen with no traces left in the final photo

  • Extremely friendly and reliable - Must be presentable (No freebie galaxy clothing or anything of that nature)
  • You will required in the studio for at least 1 1/2 hours each shift as well as if you are paged by someone on your online board but are not scheduled to work we ask that you Message the potential client and take notes on what they require and from there you can schedule for a later time/day. If needed you can pass the client on to another photographer who is available to take on their request.
  • Must be willing to be on site at least 2-3 times each week - Must be willing to become familiar with prices and sales There may be other duties included within this role.

Lovely Flutters Studios doesn't ask for much from their employees, just some simple and basic rules that are standard for most businesses. These are: 

  • Be Friendly to Clients & other Staff members.

  • Dress appropriate. While working here you represent Lovely Flutters. If you dress like you just came from freebie galaxy you may be sent to the office and politely asked to change 

  • Try not to go afk while in the studio. If you happen to go afk and some one was there while you were afk Message them saying " I'm sorry I missed you how can I help you?" 

  • If some one is giving you a hard time, Do not fight with them or yell. Simply send Brianne a message and she can assist you in finding a resolution - Be on time. Come in to the studio at least 15 mins early. 

Wage Info
Your wages will vary as you will get paid once a client has paid for their photo/s.

Client photo prices start from $650L and the percentage you will receive will be 90% of the clients costs, Lovely Flutters will get the other 10%.

You can also receive tips but you do not ask for tips yourself. If a client tips you then you keep the full amount of the tip.


If you feel you could uphold the requirements of this role, then please feel free to contact me inworld through (jessxx94) or  fill out an application form at http://www.creativityblender.com/secondlife/cbe/index.php?section=application&clientid=109&positioni... and someone will be in contact ASAP about your application.

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***BUYER BEWARE***  THIS COMPANY IS A TOTAL SCAM.    I placed an order for a 7 day week of  DJ's and Host and was charged 11,000 Linden due upfront to place the order.   They were paid in full.  (my mistake I know)  One host is the only one that showed up and he was 50 mins late.    I asked for a refund since they did not complete their end of the contract but I have yet to see anything returned.   The owner of this business Fenrιr (zefenrir) refused to refund the linden for a contract he did not fullfill.   It doesn't matter if it's $45 worth of linden or $45,000,  a theif is a theif.  


Chat logs are available for proof if you would like and Linden Labs has been notifieid so no other SL resident will fall prey to this scam.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2859 days.

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