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New Furry Club UFR - United Fur Republic

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United Fur Republic (UFR) is a new furry club venue which has a underwater theme and futuristic design to cater to all furries. Enjoy the energy and vibrancy of the true furry life, make it your divertissement and recreation setting. Here, the pleasures and privileges of furry living are yours to savour. And the views are simply extraordinary.

There are no boundaries to what furry adventures you enjoy - be part of a sizzling furry scene the moment you step inside.

Create your own adventure, live your own furry life to the fullest, join us at the United Fur Republic Club and meet new furries and bond with friends. You can check our DJ schedules to party at your own time and invite friends and party till you drop.

We have Events every Sunday which can feature; a DJ, a Contest, and Dancers as well all a manor of things to do.

The Venue has various sections to it. They are as follows: Pool, Board Gaming Room, Main,Lounge, Main Dance Floor, Escort Lounge, Stores, Homes, Private Rooms, Sandbox and a Park. We do have Land/Housing and Store Space for Rental Purpose, so if your in need of that or interested please contact Husky Rain herself for more information.

We have DJs to keep you entertained with the music of your liking, Dancers to keep your eyes peeled and glued to wanting to see more, Escorts to deliver all your desires and make sure you enjoy your stay, Bartenders to offer you the best food and drinks around and Hosts to hype you up, provide details and information on events and best of all they are here to make sure you have the best company while you enjoy our facilities.

We are always hiring new furs to work for us; if its a DJ you want to be then contact the Odd Man Himself Odd155, if its one of our entertainer roles (Host, Escort, Dancer or Bartender) you want to be then contact the Naughty Skunk Manager thelementalbeings (Lissaria) and if you think you can help keep the place safe and free of trolls as our personal security guards then Despair Sorrowsong is your leading Judicator. If you want to Apply just drop a manager an IM or come to the club and pick up an application form from our App Station.

We place updates about the club, events and DJ sets on our twitter, facebook and group. On our website we post pictures from our events as well funny things, we have information on who we are and who our staff team is. If you would like to know when any of our DJs are playing then check our our website or the DJ schedule Below for More details.

So if you like what you hear come us our we are very friendly and enjoy meeting new people so come on down.

UFR Website: http://ufrclub.com/

DJ Schedule: http://ufrclub.com/dj-schedule/

UFR Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UFRFurs

UFR Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/UFRFurs

SL Link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evil%20Spirits/118/126/22

SL Group: United Fur Republic

If you have any questions or inquiries feel free to message any of the Management Committee in world.

President/Owner: Husky rain

Co-Owner: ArchdemonAdramelech
Vice President: Esculent
DJ manager: Odd155
Entertainment Manager: TheElementalBeings
Security Manager: Despair Sorrowsong

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I Will be keeping this Forum Post Updated with news on our Club as well Events, Also If you think your interested come check us out.

This Month's (January 2016) UFR Contest Events are the following:
10th Jan 4pm-6pm SLT (UTC-8) Best in Blue Contest
With Our DJ Acrimoniuos.

17th Jan 4pm-6pm SLT (UTC-8) Crazy Hair Contest
With Our DJ Kimitsuu05 (Kimi).

24th Jan 4pm -6pm SLT (UTC-8) Latex and Leather Contest
With Our DJ TheElementalBeings (Lissaria).

31st Jan 4pm-6pm SLT (UTC-8) Best in Noob Contest
With Our DJ Husky Rain (Rain).

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Entertainer Events January 2016 Hosted by Lissaria (theelementalbeings)

8th Jan 2pm SLT Games Day With Lissaria

I will play board games together with the patrons as well play other fun things like word games, quizzes and puzzles for prizes.

15th Jan 2pm SLT Reading With Lissaria

I will read something to the people in the club over voice/stream whether it be a funny fanfic, a story, a book or I tell ya about a life story. I will take a requests from one of you patrons for what you will like me to read.

22nd Jan 2pm SLT Meet The Entertainers

This is your chance to see the Entertainer Crew of our Hosts,Escorts,Dancers and Bartenders and the manager Lissaria will be DJing special tracks for each Entertainers performance. You'll be able to Talk to them, Meet them, Watch them perform, take photos and even watch them walk down the cat walk while they show there flare and style too you. You'll also be hook up with our team of escorts/dancers for their private services if you so wish.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2975 days.

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