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Dreamy Residential and Commercial Parcels at The Ippos Collective! ~ Photo Friendly ~

Duchess Flux

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The Ippos Collective is a group of 4 fantasy inspired sims that are Rez-Friendly and extremely Photogenic. Scattered throughout the region you will find some of the most creative people in Second Life who call Ippos their home which will add to the magical experience of your visit. Ippos is a peaceful space that embraces individuality and promotes artistry.

The four sims change seasons so the environment is continuously changing yielding a perfect setting for images; whether you are a SL photographer, blogger, or just someone who likes to take pretty pictures you will find a spot that is perfect for your scenery. Feel free to rezz props and pose stands anywhere in the region; we just ask that you stay out of tenants’ homes if you have not obtained permission from them to enter. You will also find many sets that have been built (especially in the water) using new or unreleased items from events and designers ~ if you use these sets please give credit in your blogs to the designers who created the items and the events that are hosting them.

Click here to see parcels that are available for rent.


IPPOS (Residential):

Ippos is residential with cliffs, waterfalls, outdoor ballroom, beaches, caves and open spaces. Peaceful settings with stone circles and quite wooded paths. Ippos is home to some familiar SL photographers. Probably one of the most sought after sims in the regions for parcel rentals and is usually at capacity. If you are interested in a lot on this sim that has a green “Available” sign, click that sign fast… cause it will not be for long.

LOT TWO: Cliff-side lot overlooking the waters of Sylpha and the land of Ippos. This amazing lot has 904 prim (1717 a week) and can be yours today! Click to Teleport to Lot Two


PEGASOI (Residential/Light Commercial):

Pegasoi is peacefully perfect. Rolling hills and breezy trees are this sim’s feature. Pegasoi is a mixture of residential and light fantasy commercial. Pegasoi is home to the Lady Garden Cabaret, a group of extremely talented artists that put on monthly shows that are awe inspiring. Proudly, it is also home to ROQUAI Poses, artistically rendered poses for beautifully gestured images. Pegasoi is home to the incredible event Totally Top Shelf!!

LOT TWO: 2720m with 622 Prim on the water for 1182L a week. Beautiful lot that is currently mostly water, but land can be raised for a structure if needed. (Can be combined with Lot 10-R for a total of 1266 prim for 2,405/wk ) Combining the lots would be amazing! Click to teleport to Lot Two

LOT FIVE: This is a beautiful inland lot with a creek that runs the length. A total of 977 prim for 1857 a week. ( Lot can be combined with Lot Ten for a total of 1621 prim for 3080 a week.) Click here to teleport to Lot Five

LOT TEN: Great Creek-side lot with pond on the beautiful sim of Pegasoi. This gorgeous lot is 644 prim for 1,224L a week. (Lot can be combined with Lot Two for a total of 1266 prim at 2,405 a week if more prim and space is wanted.) Click to Teleport to Lot Ten


NYMPHAI (Commercial/Residential):

Nymphai is the town square for the Ippos Collective. Nymphai is home to two amazing events, The Secret Affair and Enchantment! Some of the shops on Nympahi are; !Go!, Figment, Dead Dollz, The Cove, Gaeline, Les Encantades,  Baubles by Phe!, deviousMind, Ravenghost, Sweet Kajira, Sahara’s,The Annex.... and others.

Small shops in town square can be rented simply by clicking on the Available sign in front of the vacant store. Each shop is set up to automatically give 250 prim - If you need more prim simply rent the shop and contact Duchess Flux for additional prim to be added.

Large Parcels on Nymphai:

LOT FIVE: Pretty wooded lot near town square - 2245m with 512 prim for only 973 a week (Need more prim and land? **Lot can be combined with Lot 6 for 1134 prim and 2155L a week**) Click here to teleport to Lot Five

LOT SIX: Nice size lot close to town square - perfect for shop looking for high traffic or even a sweet residential lot on water (Lot will soon be connected to a full sim of public water for swimming/boating/mermaid adventures) - this really will be an amazing location! 622 prim for 1182 a week Click to teleport to Lot Six

LOT TWELVE: Pretty wooded lot on the water lot adjoining a water sim. Entrance to lot can be made on both sims. Great For a mermaid store or sea life shop!! 614 Prim for 1167L a week. Click to Teleport to Lot Twelve


SYLPHA (Water Sim):

Sylpha is a glorious water sim! Sparkling water surrounds tiny islands on this sim with boatable and swimmable water. Dolphins and Orcas swim beneath in the cold waters along with mermaids and other water creatures. Residents have beautiful island abodes and the sim boasts stores such as The Empyrean Forge, E.V.E., Papermoon, AiShA, and Siren’s Lair . (Mermaid Lagoon is under construction)

LOT ONE: Gorgeous island lot on water sim perfect for a commercial or residential fantasy! Lot is 2124 prim for the amazing price of 4035L a week. Click to Teleport to Lot One


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