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The Ancient world


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What is Ancient World ?

Hi i am sure you wonder what is Ancient World or AW for short, AW is a fighting community inside of second life yes ladies and gentleman you can fight in second life, but this is not Gor keep this in mind no one in AW fights to capture you they fight for the fun of it and to help there army or team win, this it the basic idea of what it is.

combat in Ancient World is done in 3 ways all use a combat meeter the popular one being URA Kombat:

1) The first way combat is done in AW is trough army vs army this is know as raids, a raid is where both army's face each other in  6 rounds to decide the winner of the "raid" the rounds are divided in half  3 rounds in one of the army's sim  and 3 in the other sim for the grand total of 6 rounds, so you require at least 4 rounds won by your team to win the raid but you still play all 6 no mater the score out of respect of the enemy and for the fun of it.

2)The second method is called red vs blue in this mode there is no limit of rounds and you fight with members from every army, in this event you all join in on a board that will randomly seed you to one of the two colors (red or blue) after teams are decided a captain or leader will be picked to call when each side is ready and then the battle horn echoes and let the fun begin.

3) the third method of combat the is seen a lot in AW in tournaments, this is more for those who like the idea of making some money with participating and getting a top spot
it also is seen for honor events and just to test your skills in 1 vs 1 and Free for all.

how army's work

So in Ancient World (AW) army's are the core of it all as the community name states most of them are ancient themed some examples(Rome, Athens, Sparta). Each army has there own land in where they fight and establish rules for their territory and what meeter they use, normally the owner of the sim will be the King or Queen (most of the time this is the case).

The meeter's

In AW there is 3 meeter's that are used  as stated before URA Kombat (free) is the most popular one but some places use DCS2 () and chaos meeter(free), these choices are made by the army owners but most will stick to URA Kombat.


This will sound very simple to people but it takes more than just knowing what keys to hit, combat in AW and in most meeter's is the same you use WASD and hold down the left mouse key to fight, it is recommended to fight in first person view  so when you move your mouse  you avatars ling of sight moves to that direction and thats it with a little practice and some help you will be on your way to becoming a warrior in Second Life.

The Community

Last but not least the community in general, AW is a small community that has been around for 5+ or so years it is a fun place to come and have some casual fights in red vs blue or a much more intense environment when you join an army to become one of the best and get victory's in the name of your king or Queen or both to be honest and fair if you are rather new to second life the might judge you a bit harder but that is for reasons inside of the community the most common reason is that it is rare to see new people actually come to AW but all that aside once they see you as an active member of  the community you will just fit right in

Final thoughts

I hope this was of some help to the people who don't know about our community, to those who know please feel free to comment i wish to hear opinion and criticism, i will be posting more blogs in regards to the community to get more in depth about each army and other topics as people request them or ask me, thank you for reading and if you have any questions feel free to ask me in world AWblogger.


Ps: if you wish to see some of the AW sims just type URA in search and a few are garranteed to show up.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3023 days.

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