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Lodges for Rent! LGBT Sims! 600 - 1200 L$ a week/ 350- 600 prims + FREE Lodge | Pine Valley Resort

Kahvy Sands

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Rent at the Pine Valley Sims! The popular Pine Valley Estate now has openings! This comes up only on rare occasions so don't miss out! Mature/Adult sims, Gay orientated Styled sims, home to Richochets Gay Country Club, Big Momma's Ballroom, Drifters Lodge Game Room and so much more! 

The sim is turning to fall and will turn to Winter After that! The PERFECT Lodge Retreat to spend the holidays in! HALLOWEEN HUNT is coming, Tunnels in ALL off the 3 sims with a great Halloween experience! Christmas in falling snow with iceskating and so much more!!!! 

The rentals come with a lodge, decor is possible should you need help in that department as well. No other buildings allowed, lodges can be switched for a different style lodge but all will remain in the Pine Valley Style. The sims are carefully thought out, the landscaping is open, the nature beautiful. No parcel-to-parcel lay out and a low density in rentals are what makes the Pine Valley Sims so amazing. No high script items (including intans, a fully stocked intan with remotes close to every cabin is available), commercial activities or ''eye sores'' allowed! 

Our Rangers are there to help and have a lot of online hours to accommodate all your needs as a renter! Protection, Support and Entertainment, Pine Valley has it all! 

Better hurry, because the sim's usually full, and sometimes even has a waiting list! So this is an unique opportunity! 

Rent is due up front and week-to-week. Please read the convenant before renting. 

The sims are carefully laid out for your enjoyment, resembling the rural parts of beautiful Colorado. 

We have numerous activities you can do in the 3 sims, You can go spelunking in the caves in Pandore, enjoy a great game at Drifters Game lodge, go Kayaking or take out a Jetski! All these things are free! 

When you are done, there are Ballrooms, a country club and a Theater for all to enjoy!

Or get hitched at the Pine Valley Chapel!

All and all, Pine Valley will keep you entertained for days on end!

Contact Randy Tesouro or Kahvy Smith inworld for more info or go and grab your cabin today! 

 We offer three different homes in Pine Valley to try and accommodate everyones needs and budget. All come with a generous prim allowance starting with

the two room cabin for 600 L$ weekly and 350 prims

The small Lodge home for 800 L$ weekly and 400 prims

And the Large Aspen Lodges Starting at 1000 L$ weekly and 450 prims going up to 1200 L$ for 600 prims and 2000 L$ for 1000 prims ( limited availability).



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2692 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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