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One Half Sim Prime Protected Water and Land


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One Half Sim for Sale in Prime area

Calypso Sanctuary, Solariam (133, 64, 22) -

Own most of a region with flat land and protected waterways, the ability to share prims in a special place on one of SL’s newest continents. Sunrise, sunset with access to hundreds of sims.

  • Area is a giant square in shape with plenty of prims and space to build on land, water, underwater, and in the air.
  • The land: large flat area perfect for building with a long strand of beach on protected Linden water moving north to Linden road with rez area and SL’s largest mountain peak.
  • The water: large area with four-way protected Linden waterways, Linden coral reef and good water depth. Originally a marina, now a Polynesian Village and Resort, you can surround your builds with beautiful water and view the sunrise from one side and the sunset on the other. This large water-land area dominates this part of the region.
  • Underwater: If you visit, make sure to go diving and swimming in the mermaid/merman paradise. Many of the ferns and rocky coral structures are a part of the original Linden reef. This entire area is at the top of the SL world within a giant helix and this reef isn’t far from the lake in the center. There are many underwater marine parks here. The water depth is good for builds beneath the waves.
  • In the air you will find that there is plenty of space for extra builds. I have many clubs, skyboxes, globes, and other builds far above Calypso Sanctuary. Even though there are many areas to build on land and sea, and under, due to low commercial activity here, there is room in the sky and the prims to use this space.
  • Low or no lag, light population. This area is constantly improving and there are many beautiful homes being built that fit in well with the scene. However, why not be daring and create your own half sim world?
  • Bonus: if you purchase Calypso Sanctuary I will sell an additional adjacent water parcel of about 2500 meters for what I recently paid, 9,000 L. This will raise the tier over one half sim but then you would be able to add and create an even larger area. Or you could go in with a friend and share the area. Once you deed your place to group you may share prims throughout the region even if the property is not adjacent. Plus there is a 10% bonus in available land. Your call!


Last year my partner and I started with an 8,000 sm parcel directly on the reef. We had a blast adding sea life, boats, building docks and a great house. Since then we have owned in other areas, but also slowly adding to Calypso Sanctuary. Now, after a year of buying and selling and watching this area improve, we have over 32,000 sm and ready to pass this great property on to someone who may appreciate the location, quality of parcel comparative to price, as we do.

Visit Calypso Sanctuary in Solariam (133, 64, 22) – IM GreshamSeven Resident

Group: Calypso Designs: Art, Water Sports, Tropical Living

Price: 219,000

Note* Currently the sim is divided into two sections because of the protected waterways. The “water” section and the land section have inflated prices because I need to deal directly with the buyer for this special land. I will need to remove art work that is not full copy and may be lost in the sale.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3222 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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