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Experienced Host seeks new venue

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Please allow me to introduce myself , My name is Billy Diesel and I am looking to work ...  for YOU!

I am an expericened host and Manager with over 1 year of experience in various aspects of SL. I have worked as an estate manager , rental agent and club host/manager, and recently as a community ambasador .

I am knowledgeable in club operations , adding/removing guests from groups , creating or assigning roles , adding / removing media from land and maintaining ban/access lists as an EM.

pretty tech savy and have worked with a few stream management systems (shoutcast/ice cast) and have expericence in adding and removing DJ's or setting up guest DJ's as needed.

I come across as both approachable and professional at all times , my avatar is very well dressed and suited for the role , He is typically a suit and tie kinda guy , or the classic black tux .

I am openly gay , kinda stuck in the 80's music wise but have an appreciation for many genre's , I am able to voice if required in local .

Ideally I'm looking for a casual position as my rl work is 10 days on and 4 days off ..my off days will need something soon as winter is ..omg its almost here *laughs*


please feel free to send me a NC inworld (best option) or respond here , but pardon my delay as I seldom surf the forums

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Hi Billy,

Ƥŏţħŏs™ is currently hiring DJs and Hosts

Sanctuary of Ƥŏţħŏs™ Club is open and growing fast!

This mixed genre music club is located in the center of a growing shopping mall. Surrounded by a gorgeous enchanted cuddle spot and childrens playland, it caters to adults and families alike.

We are willing to train you if you have never worked in a club before.  We will give you the tools you need, and get you in position to start earning tips as soon as you are ready.

Contact Jon Ƥȼαŗℓ (Kayanous Resident), or ASHES2ASHESDUST2DUST PEARL (ashes2ashesdust2dustResident) about applying to join the team!

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