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Route 66 Biker themed sims and roads - Live Work Play

Melody Regent

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ROUTE 66 BIKER SIMS home of the Mother Road! 15 mixed commercial and residential sims, plus THREE  Adult-rated Full sims and 3 Adult Rated whole Homesteads. Please read Covenant closely on each parcel before buying for details. We have parcels available on both full-prim sims as well as homestead sims:

FULL-PRIM SIMS - the lots sizes you want, the community you desire on a full sim able to handle your needs!

The following full-prim sims carry an Adult rating and verification with LL will be required for entry. To purchase land you MUST have  "I want to access content rated PG, Mature and Adult" checked on the General tab of your Preferences. Please read our covenant to see what is allowed on our Adult sims.

FLAGSTAFF: This mainstay of our biker community has a variety of choice lots in all sizes for your business or personal needs. Come take a look & choose yours today!

2288 sqm  -  523 prim  -  L$1,046 weekly tier

MOJAVE DESERT:   mixed-zone sim in the middle of biker country! All lots carry a  15% prim bonus.
3328 sqm  -  875 prim  -  L$1750 weekly tier

The following full-prim sims are rated MATURE; no adult verification is required for entry or purchase.

ROUTE 66: The Original, the classic. High commercial sim. Stable community situated only 2 sims north of Motorworld!

1536 sqm  -  439 prim  -  L$878 weekly tier

CADILLAC RANCH  TX: Desert living in the heart of biker country!  We have several lots  available,  each with a 20% prim bonus!

896 sqm  -  246 prim  -  L$492 weekly tier


1584 sqm  -  434 prim  -  L$868 weekly tier

BIKER PARCELED HOMESTEADS - enjoy space and quiet on these parceled homesteads. While not required to access these parcels, a Regent Riders group membership is necessary to access the public land & roads on these sims. All are residential ONLY, rated Mature,  and special rules apply on these lots; please read Covenant closely before purchasing.

10,912 sqm  -  624 prim  -  L$1248 weekly tier


9184 sqm  -  788 prim  -  L$1,576 weekly tier

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3609 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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