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Land Super Sale - Pearl Islands - BRAND NEW REGIONS JUST ARRIVED


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Pearl Islands Banner.jpg

Make your Fairy Tale, a Reality!  Step into one of Second Life’s newest exceptional Estates.  Pearl Islands was established and based on the needs to serve the Second Life Community with class, genuine customer service, extensive knowledge, and a high level of integrity.  Pearl Islands has highly attractive parcels that are both landscaped and clear.  The Estate also includes a wide selection of sizes, zones, and ratings to meet any budget or means.

Visit Pearl Islands – the most efficient and friendly way to satisfy your land needs.

Rent your parcel, build your dream, and experience what a fairy tale is all about, by coming to Pearl islands.

• Full Regions and Homesteads are available to those who wish for total control of their lands. Full Estate Manager Rights, No Covenant to follow. Your Region…Your Rules!
• Create your dream home on our residential zoned parcels or expand your business on one of our commercial zoned regions.  You can even combine your new business with your home on our mixed zoned regions.  Moderate and Adult ratings are available.

Your Peace of Mind
• Pearl Islands is fully established and advocated by Anshe Chung Studios.
• Staff has a combined experience of 20 years in Virtual Land Rentals.

• Access to all available parcels on a state of the art and updated hourly website.
• Select from full regions, homesteads, city-scaped regions, grass lands, beach front properties, and of course starter lands!
• All lands are located on the newest Server Platforms in Second Life
• Up-to-the-Minute Real Time Sim Statistics
• Tenant Friendly billing system that allows you pay in US Dollars or L$ Dollars
• All Tier fees are transferable within our Anshe Chung Studios Communities.
• Free access to the unique Anshex Library that houses 1000’s of high quality items at no cost.
• Amazing sense of family and community experience.
• Amazing set of themes that you can chose from as well as own most pieces to the design.

Customer Service and Support: 
• 24/7 around the clock Reliable Customer Service
• Professionally Trained Land Management Team.

Website: Pearl Islands on Anshex
Facebook: Pearl Islands on Facebook 
Email: GovernorPearl
Twitter: Pearl Islands on Twitter

Cost & Pricing 
• Pearl Islands is priced to be extremely competitive in all Virtual Realty and Land Holdings.

Homesteads: 7299L$ per week
Full Regions: 18,999L$ per week

Curious? Please reach out to GovernorPearl in-world or join us where it all began, Storybrook – Pearl Islands Welcome Center and Main Office.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3619 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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