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need amusement park bussiness partner. i need land.


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hi i am an amusement park designer iif you have land and would like to have rides or an amusement park on your land i could add rides to it for you and possibly get you more traffic.. and i will pay you a percentage of what i get from the rides.

I am currently in the process of rebuilding/restarting my Amusement park. i need land and can't afford to buy or rent land to have my park on. I'm searching for someone who has land and i would be willing to sheir the profits with who ever is willing to give some land for my park. i would then eventually get a few more people and we can all form a corporation for the park.and if you want a club in the park or on the land or if you even have a club already. i can dj i am very skilled in that. and i know there are a lot of parks in sl but if we have a park this could be the biggest.

cause it would be a park unlike any other in sl. so if you'd like to have a park on your land complete with an arcade i am very skilled in building/designing parks and clubs too. it will boost the value of your land and boost traffic.and you'll be investing in something that will last....as far as the design and maintenance. I will be more than happy to do all that. it has always been my dream in sl as well as all my life in rl too.

i hope you will consider this.hope to hear from you soon. so if interested im me in sl DYNASTY Clip is the name. Specialties building and design djing and mixing and dancing.and making gestures and being manager. planning , maintenance and modifying other peoples builds too. i am imaginative and heard working. Experience amusement park owner and operator and Technician Partnership; arcade owner club owner

i came here to sl dreaming about some day having my own park. and making it. in the beginning it was first with rgf estates i was into reality then and with the job i got 7000 prim land. it was called the jersey shore it had a club and boardwalk.sadly after about a month it was gone i lost it cause i lost my job at rgf cause someone lied to get me fired...

but. that is another story...then the next spot i had my park was on this land for the clan that i was in... this was the first time it was a full amusement park...but about 2 weeks or so that park died cause we lost the land cause the owner just disappeared. then the next place was again still the the clan and it was the queen of the clans land. so once again my park was up and running. the first time that i had an arcade with it. it wasn't quite as big as before.

but it worked. then the queen decided to be nasty and just take it all back ...it was there for a few weeks. then after that it was on this land that the one group that i was a member of bought... they lost it and my park once again lost land.. i have tried a total of about 50 times to find land for this park and failed. i hope you can find it in your heart to want this park on your land. please let me know if this intrests you.. ty for your time p.s. if you want to see some of the rides before you make a decision just let me know i'll be happy to show you a sample of what i got. DYNASTY Clip

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3252 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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