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Stargazer Estates Header Logo.jpg

Make your secondlife your home with Stargazer Estates, one of Secondlifes best real estates, Established in November 2011 by the Hearts as a hobby which quickly grew into what we are today. We offer various lands to suit everyones budget and style, from Island plots to Commercial and Clubbing lands.

We allow Breedable pets, Commercial / Residential Buildings plus much more. Weekly or monthly payments via our ATM machines or via Paypal if you prefer, Just visit the middle pay terminal inside our office. Our main goal is to provide inexpensive land for all your needs, somewhere you can truly call home.

When you purchase from Stargazer Estates, you get full rights over your land and peace of mind with our great management team.

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About our land :-

  • Stand alone Full prim regions and Homesteads with full rights to your parcel (or EM rights if you take the compleate region)
  • Relax with piece of mind from our fully trained staff and outstanding management team and support that actually cares about thier tenants.
  • 24/7 real time monitoring of all Stargazer Estates regions, powered by our very own scanner (devoloped by Damienthor)


 Visit our Offices for many more plots of all sizes

 Features :-

  • No Premium account is needed to rent / own with Stargazer Estates.
  • All our regions are updated at time of purchase and constantly updated for the newest server software in Secondlife.
  • Easy to use billing system via our ATM, payments avalible in L$ or USD (Paypal) if you prefer.
  • 24/7 Real time region monitoring (if any region is offline for more than 10 minuets our system automaticly emails Linden Labs support.
  • Stargazer Estates is a company that is quickly growing with the intentions of being one of the biggest companies in Second Life.
  • Quality out of world training for all staff is provided in efforts to guarantee that all staff are able to assist tenants quickly and professionally without need of waiting for a manager or owner, on most problems that arise. Constant in game training to further staffs knowledge to provide even better customer service with tenants in order to provide a better place to call home.
  • At Stargazer Estates we have extended concierge support through Linden Labs for quick turn around on problems outside of our control, i.e. server changes, tenants paid name changes for full regions, and land purchases. This concierge support allows for all cases to be responded to within a few hours or even immediately in cases of emergencies during normal operating hours.
  • Stargazer Estates holds a celebration every year with all profits going to the Relay for Life organization in Second Life and all extra proceeds out of game go to a different charity per month.


Website :-


Check out our prices, we dare others to follow suit

Full Prim Regions


1/4 Region - 3750 Prim - 16384 Sqm - 5100L$ Wk (Adult Rated)



1/4 Region - 3750 Prim - 16384 Sqm - 4980L$ Wk



1/8 Region - Corner - 1875 Prim - 8192 Sqm - 2640L$ Wk



1/8 Region - Ocean - 1875 Prim - 8192 Sqm - 2640L$ Wk (Corner)



Ocean - 615 Prim - 2088 Sqm - 900L$ Wk



Visit our Offices for many more plots of all sizes


Vacant Property Sign.jpg


Destination Guide.jpg

Stargazer Etates is proud to be featured in the Secondlife            Destination Guide.

Estates / Regions Owned - 90

Full Prim Regions - 59
Total Sqm Land - 3,342,336 Sqm

Homestead Regions - 31
Total Sqm Land - 2,031,616 Sqm



Testermonials :-

Carnal quarter_001.jpgStargazer Estates are the best people in the world to work with! I had rented off of one that simply sent my meeroos back to me without warning. Stargazers welcomes breedables and anything wrong they are easy to get a hold of and very willing to help! 5 *****s to the Stargazer team !

- LaineyStickley

Midday 7500 prim sand_001_001.jpg

Stargazer Estates is a great place to live. The managers of the Estates are great and keep you very informed on what is going on with the sim you live on. I would definitely recommend Stargazer Estates to anyone who is looking for a nice place to live.

- Hermione Lane



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3668 days.

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