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LL thanks Club Carnage for turning 8 years old this month

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I have always been on LL side, cheering them on, making excuses. Anyone that knows me knows I am a fair optimistic person.

Today I am sending this to all my staff, customers and our almost 8,000 VIPS:

I ask that you help me keep the rumor mill down by telling anyone that asks that CLUB CARNAGE IS NOT CLOSING.

Due to unforeseen business circumstances, namely a significant and unexpected drop-off in business over the last several months due to LL failure to move our destination from the old sim to here, Club Carnage will be closing its facility and discontinuing its operations on Flagg sim as of midnight Dec 31 2013.

RL is also partly to blame (DAMN RL!).  I have a terminal illness and recently my husband was involved in several accidents. We do not know if he will ever be able to work again.  We are dissolving the trucking company that we own. Things are bad but we'll be ok.

I can no longer have the premium accounts so we can no longer have the place Carnage is on.

Justoff has graciously opened his land for us to use.

We will be moving the club over New Years break and events will resume there Jan 2.

There are SOME things there already but it is a work in progress.

Linden Lab has broken my heart and took our beloved club from us. I fought but lost. I thought having 4 premium accounts and a club that has been in business 8 years would have some bearing on getting LL to help us. It didn't. I was wrong.

I have been seeking, but have been unable to, through NUMEROUS emails, tickets, phone calls and even faxes to get LL to move our SLURL on destinations, which would allow us to continue our operations. People trying to come here go instead to a Welcome Center.

I realize that this decision will cause hardship to our staff, customers and sponsors and trust me, if there was another way I would do it.

We are one of  the oldest club in Second Life and everyone that ever worked here are a part of that and should hold their head up high. Without each of you we would never have made it this far!

But they can't stop us and we will go on better than ever!

Lots of Love,


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I've been following this issue and I can only presume that LL is non-responsive because the ad may not qualify for inclusion because there is text on the screenshot. It may be necessary to submit updated information with a new photo to the editor. There is information about the destination guide in the knowledge base.


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From what I have read in the knowledge base, LL selects which destinations will be included. Submitting information does not guarantee that the location will be listed.

As I mentioned in past comments, the wording of the LL policy appears to indicate that any resident may suggest a location and or that any resident may report a problem with a listing. The most I can do to help, is to send 1 email to the editor on your behalf, exercising the option suggested by LL in the knowledge base. Others may do what others may do.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2669 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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