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Low Cost, High Value Luxury Parcels - WOW Saving!

Y2 Enoch

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Dear Potential Tenants,

You can visit www.balanvi.com > select neighbourhood theme > Teleport to location to get started or order this free product for in-world instructions.   Please continue reading for more information about our homes.

Why is life in our neighbourhoods so amazing?

** No premium account needed ( SAVE )
** exclusive content included that you can not get elsewhere
** Extremely competitive Parcel prices
** Friendly, Respectful and Tech Savvy support that loves to help you

** Balanvi is a major estate with success sims and proven track record
** We own all our sims directly via Linden Lab
** Transactions, rentals and land are guaranteed by Kapacorn
** We are a real, legal and tax paying business

** Latest class server hardware
** This is a real skyland
** Security - Your own private guest list ( whitelist )
** Full Privacy - 100% Private
** Media available using in-world web based browsers that connect directly to your favourite sites.
** Changeable luxury houses/mansion - Select from wide range of furnished and unfurnished homes free to use.
** Convenient rental system with weekly payments, prepay as many weeks you want, automatic notifications, etc
** Thousands of Animations
** Protected Waterfronts available

¼ ( 16000 SQM + ) or 1/16 ( 4096 SQM )




1. The easiest way to find an open unit in one of our neighbourhoods is to visit our website at www.balanvi.com > select your neighbourhood theme > teleport to the location.


2. Visit our main store

Visit our storeGO>

3. We have listed our available parcels below



Balanvi (192,209,21) B8 Main L$1399/week - Prims:999


Halfclaw (34,185,2700)12th FL - U5 V4.5 L$299/week - Prims:100Halfclaw (222,161,3950)MYHOME PH-U2 L$899/week - Prims:500Saladin (34,185,101)G-U5 ESTATE HOME V4.7 L$199/week - Prims:50
Saladin (34,95,3250)8th - Estate U6 V4.7 L$299/week - Prims:100Saladin (34,185,3250)8th - Estate U5 V4.7 L$299/week - Prims:100Saladin (34,72,3250)8th - Estate U7 V4.7 L$299/week - Prims:100
Saladin (161,34,3250)8th - Estate U8 V4.7 L$299/week - Prims:100Saladin (221,72,3250)8th - Estate U1 V4.7 L$399/week - Prims:150Saladin (94,223,3250)8th - Estate U4 V4.7 L$399/week - Prims:150
Saladin (222,185,3250)8th - Estate U3 V4.7 L$399/week - Prims:150Saladin (222,161,3250)8th - Estate U2 V4.7 L$399/week - Prims:150Saladin (222,185,3600)9th FL-U3 Estate V4.7 L$499/week - Prims:200
Saladin (94,223,3600)9th FL-U4 Estate V4.7 L$499/week - Prims:200Saladin (34,185,3600)9th FL-U5 Estate V4.7 L$499/week - Prims:200Saladin (34,95,3600)9th FL-U6 Estate V4.7 L$499/week - Prims:200
Saladin (34,72,3600)9th FL-U7 Estate V4.7 L$499/week - Prims:200Saladin (161,34,3950)PH - Estate U8 V4.7 L$599/week - Prims:250Saladin (34,72,3950)PH - Estate U7 V4.7 L$599/week - Prims:250
Saladin (221,72,3600)9th FL-U1 Estate V4.7 L$599/week - Prims:250Saladin (222,161,3600)9th FL-U2 Estate V4.7 L$599/week - Prims:250Saladin (222,185,3950)PH - Estate U3  V4.7 L$799/week - Prims:350
Saladin (221,72,3950)PH - Estate U1  V4.7 L$799/week - Prims:350Saladin (222,161,3950)PH - Estate U2  V4.7 L$799/week - Prims:350Saladin (94,223,3950)PH - Estate U4 V4.7 L$999/week - Prims:500
Saladin (34,185,3950)PH - Estate U5 V4.7 L$999/week - Prims:500Saladin (34,95,3950)PH - Estate U6 V4.7 L$999/week - Prims:500
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4082 days.

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