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This Week's Events for Ocean Creek

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FREE Bowling and Skating@Ocean Creek Bowling Alley; starts 6 to 7pm SLT.

Mommie and Me time at the Daycare at 2pm SLT; we will be chatting about issues that everyday moms come across and spend some Q&A time basic parent topics and tiny tot topics too. This is a support group for mothers and little kids.

Ladies Night at Club Cliche; starts at 6pm to 8pm SLT.
Men's Poker Night@ The Courtyard starts at 6pm to 8pm SLT.
Kiddos at the Lake...This event is a time for all our children to come together and have some fun. This is a all hands on deck event...from the park to the water park to fishing at the pier, lets spend some time with the kids on the sim. We hope everyone gets involved in this. Starts at 6 to 8pm SLT.

This is also a time for the adults to have a little adult time out as well at The Courtyard Pub
Court is in Session; anyone with a ticket or issuance to a Court Hearing MUST APPEAR at the Courthouse at 2pm SLT to have their case heard. Dockets will be announced the day of; a law enforcement officer must be present during trial.

Teen Night at Club Cliche'...yes they need time out as well, so lets give it to them. Club Cliche' will host a two hour event for teens to get together and be teens with contest and some meet and greeting fun; two chaperons will be need for this event. Please contact Candace to add your name to the list. Event starts at 6 to 8pm SLT.

Weekly Town Hall Meeting at 5pm SLT in the courthouse. This is going to be a regular event on the sim for grievances, ideas, announcements, and suggestions about the town.

Community BBQ at the park; a great time for the community to come together and meet new and old residents. Its also for community interaction..lets find out what has been happening around the sim and in the lives of the our neighbors. We need a few families to bring dishes and some men to man the grills. Starts at 6 to 8 pm SLT.


Movie Night at the Theater, we will be airing movies all day with a family movie at 6pm SLT.
Stop by and enjoy!
(Still need someone to host this event)

Day of relaxation...visit your neighbors, bring your family past the PD or the FD for a tour. Stop by the rental office and say hi to the hardworking staff there (PS Hiring for Town Hall Staff) or just lounge with your family at the park, diner, McLindens, Pizza Hut or lake.

All of these events are suggestions to spark RP; you don't have to get involved but we do encourage you. We are a community and thrive on interaction...so lets get the RP started.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4037 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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