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Be the Match on Secondlife

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From Friday morning at Guthrie's to Valentine's Evening at Shrinkydinks under the Bed, Be the Match Foundation will be holding events across the grid to bring awareness to the Be the Match Bone Marrow and Cord Blood Registry!

This is the ONLY Benefit  now on SecondLife that does NOT request Lindens!  If you see a donation box with Be the Match on it KNOW you should report its owner.  Monetary donations are ONLY taken at the website so you can get an honest receipt with all the correct tax information.

SO WATCH for all the great events.. !! Learn about the Be the Match Registry.   Get your freebies and have some fun. Enjoy the music and all the other events.

FRIDAY MORNING - GUTHRIE'S will start the party with Musicians that want to help BE THE MATCH!  Friday Feb 8th 2013  
Contact Dottie Iceberg
5am - Wolf N Hawk (sparrow hawk & sunwolf) - \
6am - Moses Rae
7am - Jon Bazar
8am - Quinton Whitman
9am - Steely Decosta
10am - Clyde Fearsum

SATURDAY AFTERNOON MOTORCYCLE RIDE starting at COBRA'S MC SIM.  Contact Mighty Mite (mightbe.shelter)
We will ride motorcycles,  listen to tribute and LIVE music, get information and support the  Be the Match foundation.  
The  Cobra's MC start things off at their Sunway Laguna sim for a great information ride from kiosk to kiosk, gaining information note cards with fun prizes culminating in the acquisition of a fantastic motorcycle, made just for the Be the Match ride, by Hellbone Barbosa of the Cobra's.

Saturday February 9th - Sunway Laguna ( Cobra's MC)
Noon  Project Wild Fangs (Cobra Tribute Band)
1pm - Helvis ( Confirmed)
2pm - Blue4u Nowicka (confirmed)

Saturday February 9th - Calmm Air Treehouse - Contact Maybe Morahan or Katsii Tennen

4pm - Edward Lowell and friends (confirmed)
5pm - Shannon Oherlihy (confirmed)
6pm - Duncan Bagley (confirmed)
7pm - Lightnin Lowtide (confirmed)
8pm - NANCE Brode (confirmed)
9pm - Twostep Spiritweaver (confirmed)

Sunday February 10th - Valentine's Ball -  STAR STAGE - Contact Ray Weyland (except when he's singing)

6pm - Eio Tuqiri (confirmed)
7pm - Ray Weyland (confirmed)
8pm - Noma Falta (confirmed)
9pm - Mamaa Saiz (confirmed)

6pm at Calmm - Wayne Davis Rocks (confirmed)
7pm at Calmm - Coltrane Shostakovich (confirmed)

8pm at Tranquil Cafe -  Amareth Popstar (confirmed) - Contact Brianna Beresford
Fireworks after the show!

 Thursday Feb 14th  -  ShrinkyDinks Under the Bed
 The Petites " under the bed"  registry drive for little people
 Contact Subversive Vavoom, Hopper or DJ Merc
 4pm - Fun ride ride at Boobie's  Run with FREE petite sized bike for each participant made by Iggy Zuta

 6pm - Valentines Party with Games for everyone at Shrinkydinks "Under the Bed"

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4044 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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