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Dear Potential Tenants,

You can visit www.balanvi.com > select neighbourhood theme > Teleport to location to get started. Please continue reading for more information about our homes.

We want you to know that we have the best tenant base on SL. By far and wide our tenants are naturally friendly, love making friends and always happy to welcome new users into one of our many neighbourhoods.

Why is life in our neighbourhoods so amazing?

1. We listen - our company loves feedback, positive or negative and from that we grow. 99 Percent of our community offerings have been inspired purely on suggestions and ideas shared by our tenants.

2. The Perfect home - Typically with other rental companies tenants don’t have many options and leave when their needs increase. When you rent any of our homes you get a collection of over 70 houses both furnished and unfurnished. Some of these houses exceed 600 prims and do not count against your prim allowance. The best part is the ability to switch homes using our home panel anytime by yourself at no additional cost. When you want more prims, you simply contact our staff and we can increase your prim allowance without you ever moving locations.

3. Security - Activate your security and allow only your friends to enter, everyone else gets ejected.

4. 100 Percent Privacy - Avatars can not hear or see other avatars in your home unless they are also within your home.

5. MEDIA - All homes include a web based television. You can stream live youtube videos & playlists that can be enjoyed directly with your friends. You can also use twitter, facebook, join the landwide chat rooms, search google and so much more using our web-based tv found in many of our homes.

6. Lowest price & highest quality homes on SL - Many claim to have the lowest price on SL but those claims are met with not so great living conditions. All our islands are at least 4096 SQM with amazing environments and high end houses that exceed 500 prims you can use for free. The technology that creates the experience our tenants enjoy is so advanced we are proud to be the first rental company to offer it.

7. Friendly, Respectful and Tech Savvy support that loves to help you. We have made this our  first priority and have built it into our DNA. We believe in a customer's always first philosophy and we hope to bring a smile to your day whenever possible.

GET STARTED  --------------------  1. The easiest way to find an open unit in one of our neighbourhoods is to visit our website at www.balanvi.com > select your neighbourhood theme > teleport to the location.


2. Visit our mainstore

Visit our store: GO>

3. We have listed our available paarcels below


 million (1).gif


Fenstreet (227,47,3952)
L$699/week - Prims:300
Fenstreet (211,225,1972)
B-5 Millionaire Retreat 4.7
L$699/week - Prims:300
Fenstreet (211,225,1312)
B-3 4.7
L$699/week - Prims:300
Fenstreet (211,225,652)
B-1 Millionaire Retreat 4.7
L$699/week - Prims:300


Balanvi (124,136,3215)
12 Floor Unit C V4.5
L$499/week - Prims:200
Lounvi (59,83,2255)
9th SW Floor Unit B
L$199/week - Prims:50
Lounvi (68,102,4005)
PH Floor Unit D
L$499/week - Prims:200
Lounvi (61,88,3755)
15th SW Floor U-B V4.5
L$499/week - Prims:200
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4110 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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