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Have you ever experienced life on a beautiful island located within a friendly community? Our tenants enjoy the features of next generation living technology making the customer experience far superior than any other rental company on second life. Our company has taken great lengths to make your world special

The Balanvi Experience.

MY HOME --------------- You have the ability to choose between over 35 + Luxury furnished or unfurnished houses Small, Medium, Large, X-Large without ever having to move locations. We try to only make photo realistic homes with thousands of animations freely available to our tenants.

MY TERRAIN ---------------- You have the ability to choose between over 25+ amazing island textures. If you have a preference between grass or sand you will be happy to know we offer both. Dark grass textures have dirt shorelines and light grass textures have sand shorelines. You can freely mix and match any of the 25 + island textures with all of the homes available using MYHOME on your own at anytime.

SECURITY --------------- Your Home is your home and we wouldn't have it any other way. When you rent one of our islands your security system is instantly setup. Anyone who tries to enter your property will simply gets the boot unless you deactivate security or add specific guest to your “Whitelist”.

PRIVACY ------------ Like real life, your neighbours cannot see what your doing in your house and thats why we have taken great length to make that similar in second life. Unless someone steps onto your island, you and your guest will automatically appear invisible.

PRIMS --------- The houses, textures and other objects that come together to create your experience have absolutely nothing to do with your personal prim count. We absolutely under no circumstance will ever advertise prims that are not 100 PERCENT available for your own personal usage. The homes available range from 300 prims all the way up to 600 prims, Terrains range from 4-10 prims, environments are usually another 40 prims and the best part is all this is free to use as part of our service. There are no hidden fees or catches to our service, you simply select your house, choose your terrain and use your personal prim count to do whatever you want.

This advertisement was created specifically to promote our available for homes that are rented at a cost of $299 per week your first 100 personal prims included. Additional prims can be added to your home at anytime.

MEDIA ---------- All homes include a web based television. You can stream live youtube videos & playlist with your friends, use twitter, facebook, join the landwide chat rooms, search the google and so much more using the in-world function.

GET STARTED -------------------- Once you have found a location that you like please click on the red mailbox to accept the “Start here” notecard. If there are any unique instructions they will be specified within that notecard.

SEARCH ------------

How can you find land and rent from Balanvi?

Visit our store: GO>

Visit our website land search: GO>



Balanvi (132,122,1810)5h Floor Unit A V4.5 L$299/week - Prims:100Lounvi (199,151,2005)8th NS Floor Unit C V4.4 L$199/week - Prims:50Lounvi (69,87,3255)13th SW Floor Unit A L$299/week - Prims:100
Lounvi (199,166,3505)14th NS Floor Unit B V4.4 L$299/week - Prims:100Lounvi (69,109,3255)13th Floor Unit D V4.4 L$399/week - Prims:150Lounvi (190,169,3005)12th NS Floor Unit A V4.4 L$399/week - Prims:150
Lounvi (192,150,1755)7th NS Floor Unit D V4.4 L$399/week - Prims:150Lounvi (68,102,3755)
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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4236 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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