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I want to use Adobe Flash file , how can i use?????


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Hi Fabeha! Use YOUR external browser instead of the built in one, and make sure you have tha latest Flash plug in for it. (I would recommend Firefox). Make sure "enable plug ins is checked". 


The Preferences window

The Setup tab of the PREFERNCES window (Me Preferences) allows you to choose your default media browser for Second Life:

  • Use my browser (IE, Firefox, Safari): If you select this option, all web hyperlinks in Second Life open in your computer's default web browser (Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer).
  • Use built-in browser: If you select this option, web hyperlinks in Second Life open inside Second Life's media browser. Use this option to view web content without switching away from the Second Life Viewer.
    • Enable plugins: Check to enable the built-in web browser to run plugins such as Flash.
    • Accept coolies: Cookies are bits of info stored by websties, used for a number of purposes, including personalizing content. If you have privacy concerns, reject cookies by unchecking this option.
    • Enable Javascript: Check to enable the built-in web brower to run Javascript on web pages.
    • Enable Web proxy: Check to set a web proxy to access Second Life in the Proxy location field. Enter the port in the port number field.


A few more links; pros and cons:



Hope you are OK, BTW! :smileyhappy:

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