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Server Release 2023.07

Signal Linden


This week we rolled a maintenance update to Second Life's production grid. This release contains a handful of small features and bug fixes as well as some housekeeping and internal improvements to how we address assets.


Detect Animesh

You can now detect whether a prim is mesh or has animesh enabled using llGetPrimitiveParams:

Delete, Count multiple linkset values based on pattern

It's now possible to delete and count multiple Linkset Data (LSD) values based on a regex pattern. This should simplify bulk deletion of values:

When multiple keys are deleted using llLinksetDataDeleteFound the linkset_data event will be called with the action LINKSET_DATA_MULTIDELETE.

Estate management

Backend changes have been made to support an expansion of estate manager and ban list entries. This bump will be available to users as part of a future viewer update.

  Old value New value
Estate manager limit 15 20
Estate ban list limit 500 750

Bug Fixes

  • BUG-233830 - Issue with llRequestAgentData() & DATA_PAYINFO never updating.

As usual, see the full list of bugs and features on the release notes.

Happy summer. 🌇

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