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Is it normal? Listing Enhancement Performance:

I don't know why, but since LL changed xstreet to marketplace I haven't seen effectiveness on featuring.

When I was starting my store I could be sure if I put an item featured I would sell a lot, but now I feel just doing failed attempts to increase sales. I see no difference when an enhancement is active or not.

Listing Enhancement Performance:

Impressions last day/week/month = 2 / 235 / 527

Click Throughs last day/week/month = 0 / 13 / 20


My items have great quality but I only sell if I do my own merchandise.

Actually I spend more time advertising than creating. I would like to have the same effectiveness of xtreet enhancement to have more time to create great stuff for SL.
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It depends on where you put the enhancement, but 235 impressions per week seems too small. On the contrary 13 clickthroughs per week seems pretty good for such small impressions.