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Affordable lands for lease: Homesteads and Full Region

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Full Region (15000 prims, 65536 sqm) - 19200L$/week

Exclusive items available FREE OF CHARGE to all residents of Anshe Chung Sims and partner estates. Save thousands of Linden$.

Introducing: Mermaid Beach Design

Rent an island and get a free rezzer that you can use to design the whole sim instantly: move, delete and add other objects as needed. This pre-built island comes with a beautiful landscaping already in place, no work required!

• High quality and carefully crafted objects 
• Low prim builds 
• Enjoy best animations in Second Life 
• Easy to rezz 
• Available in Full Prim Region and Homestead 
• Other designs available: Paradise Beach for parcels and whole sims, Pleasure Island Beach, Vampire Pleasure Island and more to come! 
• No premium account needed 
• Full Estate Manager (EM) rights (10 slots available) 
> > Region Ban 
> > Change terraforming and terrain texture 
> > SIM restart 
• No covenant, your sim - your rules! 
• Experienced land management team 
• Sims are on the newest hardware server available in Second Life

Get your exclusive items here: 
Visit us:

Please feel free to IM Jessica Chung for more information