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  1. I'm seeking a personal assistant. Tasks include (but are not limited to) product research, writing, brainstorming, and handling inquiries.

    I'm looking for someone who pays attention to details, thinks outside the box and can switch gears easily.

    Experience with graphic design and Mesh, is a plus, but not required.

    Please send your resume/notecard with experience to Kimi Ayakashi inworld.

  2. Casting Call for a Variety Show in SL

    I'm seeking male avatars for guest co-host positions. Longterm role is possible. Must be comfortable using voice. Acting experience is a plus. And singing is a plus.

    Must use voice, an accent is a super plus (British, Spanish ect)

    I'm also seeking female and male models. Must have well put together avatars.


    Please IM Kimi Ayakashi with a notecard with your name, a snapshot, your experience, your time zones and usual times on SL and what you'd like to audition for. Also please list any other information you'd like to share about yourself.

  3. I need an animator to create a human pile pose. It should be of 4 male avatars similar to this picture. Pose A female avatar will sit on top of this pile as if she were sitting on a thrown, so the avatars need to be arranged well.

    I need this ASAP. Please contat me in world if interested. 

    IM: Kimi Ayakashi 

  4. Got a question about your love life? Dating? A family drama? Where to find love? Business? Building?
    Want to know where to find some cute inexpensive shoes for a wedding?

    Ask anything! You can ask anonymously.* 

    Want your question answered on SL tv? Your letter may get picked.

    Write me a FULL letter at KimiAyaShow@gmail.com

    or send a notecard to Kimi Ayakashi inworld.

    Leave me your SL name so that you can be notified if your letter if is chosen for the show.


  5. When I tried to move my items over (after the deadline) in June, when I tried to activate my listings I got "Product state not changed: Current state cannot transition via "list""

    I've read many tutorials and followed them but the same thing happens. I contacted LL support, they told me to create a Jira, the Jira has been unassigned for 3 months.

    I contacted LL support 3 times over the course of the 3 months and they told me 1) it will be fixed in a weekly update, then 2) there is nothing they can do, and contact the merchant team "post a comment to the Marketplace Team on the bug report itself."


    Has anyone successfully resolved this issue after the deadline? What are the steps required, who do I contact?

    Thank you in advance for any advice you offer. What's possible here and what would it take to resolve this?


  6. Inspired by Downton Abbey, I'm creating a country English estate and I'm seeking staff members to play in the home. Multi-sim modern RP play.

    I'm seeking maids, footman, stable boy, fisherman, stable boy, gardner ect. Free room may be provided. 


    I am also seeking someone skilled at RP to play my mother. A woman of nobility who will sometimes stay at my manor. 


    There are also a few paid RP positions with room and board included (There will be set hours for performing duties on the estate, however I will also need some on-call staff):



    Lady's Maid


    First footman


    Send am IM to Kimi Ayakashi

  7. I read and re-read the previous messages and I'm not sure where the Racist part came in. I'm all for being random but... I'm going to assume that your new message is a gentle way of saying that you're seeking new nerd friends who are of a specific race... and keep on walking. LOL

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