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  1. Melaniehuaghton, did you solve this issue? i also have the same problem since ive upgraded to 5.0 this week. I was fine in the 4.7 version. Ive talked to Maitreya and FS support and noone seems to have any answers for me either? I will try to clean my files as suggested here but let me know if youve had any luck please.



  2. Ive done everything wiki said to do. I meet all the requirements. I need help not just refered to wiki. Ive contacted the firestorm support and now they said its between me and sl so please help me fix my issue teleporting into gaming sims. ive been able to do so for 7 years and all i did was update my viewer .It says preferences exclude unknown objects and firestorm said thats a bad non exsisting command( no where in the setting) so how can we fix this please?

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