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  1. [ hoorenbeek ] Quality Clothing and Accesories is looking for an experienced, responsible and committed rigger for a long-term working relationship.
    Demonstrable experience rigging and weight painting for fitted mesh and different mesh bodies is required. Experience with Blender/Avastar and/or Maya/Mayastar.
    Please send a notecard to Limer Fredriksson in-world including "RIGGER JOB - YOUR AVATAR NAME" in the notecard name so we can get in touch and discuss the job in detail.


  2. I'm looking for an experienced rigger (demostrable experience) to rig our clothing items to different fitted mesh bodies and standard avatars.

    Looking for a lasting work relationship. Not a one shot item, so I'm only interested if you are regularly available.

    If you are interested please send a notecard to Limer Fredriksson in-world.

    Please include your pricing per object and body.



    Limer Fredriksson


  3. Hey, I could create a script that figures out where to put the textures, but the ideal solution would be that I can myself decide such a thing in the model. This is really strange seems like anything one could do won't change anything. Tried changing the order in which I assign the materials, tried with letters and numers on materials names, altering the order of things in the DAE, but as you said, nothing changes ever. Makes no sense to me or we are missing something.
    I don't know how to use blender. 
    Maybe you could do this test:

    Create a simple cube and create 6 materials, one for each face with names like A1, B2, and so on. Export DAE with Maya.
    Do same in Blender.

    Compare and see what changes in both daes?

    There must be something.
    What do you think?

  4. How do the face number assignment works in Maya?
    I need control over which face number is assigned to a certain face on my object.
    For example:
    In a shirt with a tie, I need the tie to be face 0, the shirt front face 1, and so on.
    Then I model a shirt with rolled up sleeves, and need it to use the same face numbers for the same shirt parts. Tie 0, and so on. Any clues? Thanks a lot!

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