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  1. On 2/25/2019 at 4:46 PM, Ipecac Burnham said:

    To fix it atleast temporarily, right click your item in inventory and select Add > pick a slot you never use, like.. right hind foot, if it's rigged, it doesn't matter the weights will position it correctly.


    Once you use Add, then detach and wear it again, it'll remember the new slot/location.


    This happens a lot with bodies and heads, because Heads and Hair all get lumped onto the Skull point by creators, heavy downloading head + hair on the same slot and this is bound to happen.


    For bodies it's the same, AV Center and Pelvis is where they go as a rule by makers... but every wearable pet or toy goes on AV center, and pants and smalls go on Pelvis.

    Do this with a LAQ head, and you will have a little white box following you. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Kyrah Abattoir said:

    We already have a gacha section, yet they aparently don't have to go there.

    I know. But since an item can be both a Gacha and also be an item that fits another category, a tick box would work better IMO. That way if a person is searching in a specific category besides gacha, they will still see the item. 

    Some people just want a whatchamacallit and don't care whether it's a Gacha or not. (I am usually one of those people.) 

    AND, if I don't want to see gachas, I will use the permissions checkbox to exclude them. 

  3. !!WARNING!!
    Please don't do what I did and delete a bunch of windlight sky files, then log in and get a bazillion error messages! These popups (The day cycle file references a missing sky file) appear when you first log in, and you won't be able to do anything until you keep clicking until they quit popping up. It is not pretty. I did this a couple of years ago and restored my windlight sky backup files to get rid of them. But now I know the correct way to prevent these errors. Why did I recently need to solve this issue? Yes, I forgot and did it again!

    The problem was day cycle files. See Torley's video on day cycles here:

    I had not been using day cycles, and didn't even know what they were. I had been making a change in windlight and it would look that way until I went in and changed it again.

    I use the Firestorm viewer & WIndows 7 at the moment. Firestorm has several day cycles you can choose from, not like in Torley's video where there was only one and it had to have a certain name. Getting to the day cycles was slightly different in my version of Firestorm than in the video, but not difficult.

    Here's what I recommend you do:
    (1) In the same folder that contains the windlight sky files there is another file called days. In it are the day cycles. Make a backup of the sky files and a backup the day cycle files.
    (2) Take a look all your day cycle choices inworld.
    (3) If there are some you don't think you will ever use, make a note of their name(s).
    (4) Browse to the day cycles folder.
    (5) Now you can remove any of the day cycle files you don't want to keep.
    (6) For the day cycle files you are keeping: You will need to double click and open each xml file and see which of the windlight files are referenced there. If you delete those windlight sky files, you will get the error messages.
    (7) For the files that aren't referenced in the day cycles you want to keep: You can remove the sky files you don't want.

    I used a program called Duplicate File Finder, from http://www.ashisoft.com, to clean up all the sky files I had been keeping from various viewers for years. I had about 1200 of them! What it did was find all the xml files that were identical, not by name, but by contents. That cut the number down by almost half. I still will be weeding some out, but more carefully next time.

    I hope this helps,




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