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  1. Hey Zig


    Yup, that is what Julie means.


    Some people make you buy the land first and pay rent after

    Some people let you have the land for free or 1L and you can just pay rent!

    Also if someone requests a homestead from an estate company they usually charge them for set up fees if they have to order for a brand new homestead sim and sometimes they even allow them to choose their own sim name. It just depends on the company.


    But yes Zig, that is what Julie was saying


    Yup, I also didn't have to buy my homestead, I just pay it's rent!

    I chose very carefully! Convenant manager is one of the safest on the grid and has become a good friend too! So I am very content and feel secure with my rental owner.

  2. Hi Lady Sakai,


    There is no need to be defensive. I was pointing out, Julie already said that you must buy a homestead sim from a region manager if they do not wish to buy a full sim first, this is the option they can go through. You then however replied to her telling her "no no" insinuating she was incorrect and then said the same thing she said - Meaning you were both correct but you misread it as you said the exact thing she had posted - in other words read more carefully!


    Julie said: Well you can buy a homestead sim outright, i have several times, with no other condition. Just buy it from a private region seller, like Azure Islands. Go: http://azureislands.com/  
    Sakai said: no no  Julie .... you cant  own a HS (HomeStead Sim) ..  you have to  own a full sim  as the OP  states.
    You can  "buy/lease/rent" one from an inworld estate but  when it comes down to the paper work  they  own it .. you dont!

    You see?


    Lady Sakai, no one said you didn't know the definition of the word semantics.

    Lady Sakai, neither is there anything to argue about!

    Lady Sakai, no one said you knew nothing about estate business, no one said you were incorrect. You said Julie was incorrect, but Julie is correct. You said the same thing as Julie - That you can buy a sim from an estate manager/rentals instead. This is also what Julie said, but you misread and told her "no no".


    Lady Sakai, please stay on topic, this is a fresh thread. What goes on in these forums is not to be taken personally and dragged into other threads. If you can not handle peoples opinions or people being unable to understand your posts and take things to heart then an environment like this is not for you. You are coming across very defensive and there is absolutely no need. In the previous thread I did not request that you don't respond to me but I clearly stated that your response did not make sense in response to my comment and sounded as if it should be directed towards the original poster, it was advice to re-direct your response towards the OP instead of mine therefore it would get the response it needed as I had not a clue what you were talking about and how it was relevant to what i had said in my reply to the OP.


    - Loz

  3. Hi Shan, I purchased a big house yesterday, it's lovely.


    However, I lag when I am around it.


    Is there any way I can find out if there are other homesteads running on the same 'CPU' as me, maybe this is the problem? I don't know..

    But my fps becomes awful when I am in or near this build. It's ok if I am at the other side of the sim on empty plains. I am pretty sure there are a lot of scripts in it though because when I unpacked the build in the rezzer it had A LOT of green script text coming out of it - assuming each chat entry from this was a single script which belonged to each object that was rezzing (e.g. baths, kitchen, windows, pool, lights, switches, etc).


    This is a whole homestead (3750 prims) to myself also, no other occupants, private.

  4. I want to buy my own homestead sim rather than renting one. There is no option to own or be convenant manager of a homestead unless I buy a Full Sim beforehand; which I cannot afford. I can afford homestead, just not a Full Sim and definitely not both. Why does LL stop us from being able to buy homestead sims? Doesn't it make them lose out on money from all those renters who could potentially be buyers? I am trying to rent one at the moment but they are all taken due to popular demand. Does it not make sense to make them available or is there a reason for this?

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  5. Okay well i'm Age Verified and I must be Adult Verified if I have access to Adult content. So when, where and how did I get ADULT verified!? I didn't do this myself I only used that Aristole system about a year ago.


    Also when Larah wrote about LL not keeping our information, I know that. I wasn't expecting to see the boxes full of my information like it does for our address and payment etc. I was just expecting a page to say "You have already verified this account" "This account has already been verified", or something like that! It is just confusing because if it doesn't confirm that you've already been through this procedure you don't know where you stand and whether you need to fill in this whole process again and submit your information. Egh, i dunno, do you know what i'm saying though?

  6. Ach! Baeric.


    I did manage to log on lastnight and i tried out the Emerald Viewer.. I am still getting my glitch that I described.. about objects, attachments etc being invisible.


    However, the invisible breasts bug my friend have are obviously down to the bouncy boob feature.


    Though.. my bug.. is a completely different bug. Still can't use this version of Emerald

  7. I am confused?

    Age verification isn't adult verification? I thought it was? I age verified myself a year back and I can access all adult content on Second Life. So age verification must be adult verification? Ahh so confusing. There is a separate page to adult verify? I don't see it, only age page.

  8. I age verified earlier this year. What confuses me is I am able to click the age verification option and fill in all my details over again? I won't fill them in again and submit but I thought if I had already verified my age then this option would not be available or say something like "You are age verified already." It doesn't even state it anywhere on my account info. I would like it if it stated age verified in profiles or something, like payment info. Well, it is still BETA I guess.

  9. This happened the other day. I had tped my friend and as she landed she said something along the lines of "what happened to your boobs". I was like what? Nothing? She took a snapshot and it was apparant that on her screen she saw a chunk of my avatar mesh missing. It has nothing to do with the alpha glitch. My chest part of the avatar had been wiped clean. I basically had my shoulders floating on air and then my torso underneath.

    I have no idea why or what caused this, but, as soon as she relogged it went back to normal.


    Also, if anyone uses the Emerald Viewer (latest version) are you experiencing glitches with objects? I don't use Emerald anymore because it makes objects, attachments, meshes, land, builds, everything suddenly dissapearers. When I move my camera around they appear again but other objects just dissapear instead. Anyone else experienced this? I checked all my settings, made them higher, lower, nothing. I really need to use emerald to protect a skin i made for my avatar which is a one and only and i can't do this without emerald unless I change it everytime I go out in public.


    Back on topic. Just wanted to tell you my friends and I have been experiencing this bug too. So you're not alone. It is something to do with Second Life if anything.



    OH, Baeric must be right because it was the BOOBS that dissapeared for my friend. She uses the flexi boob function on Emerald too! When I get home I will disable this option and hopefully I can use emerald again. Thanks Baeric

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