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  1. On 9/5/2019 at 2:07 PM, Sehra Kauffman said:

    Question, for those who are having bot issues, is your house in the middle of the region? Perhaps they are enter a region name and just ending up in your house because it was unfortunately placed directly in the center of the region. I really wish the moles would double check that nobody's property sits right on the center of the region for that reason.

    No.  My parcel is located on the SW corner of the region.

  2. I came here hoping to find some answers to the bots visiting my parcel and I certainly did!  I'm sorry that so many of us are experiencing this issue but hopefully the problem(s) are sorted soon.

    I've had the issue for the past few weeks and it's annoying.  I added a whitelist to the Linden Security System when I set it up (the latest update) and I parcel banned the 10 bots.  As mentioned previously (sorry I don't recall the OP), I too noticed that the accounts are between 90-120+ days old and the profiles are empty.

    I submitted an AR tonight after reading through this thread.  Having a visitor list script made it easy to collect the names.

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