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  1. OK....FINALLY. Here's the deal on the TMP mesh head. i.e. things they don't explain to you. 

    1. YES....you must buy a head skin separately. That's right. The head does not come with skin.
    2. You have to go into the other boutique and choose a FACE which is also the skin....they don't explain that.
    3. You MUST BUY the face after you decide what skin tone you want your body and buy that same color. i.e. you must chose the same color. BECAUSE if you don't your head won't match your body. That's right....the head is not editable.
    4. You MUST BUY a hair base also. If you don't then you won't be able to wear hair. When applying your hair do NOT click "wear". Your head will disappear. Click "add".

    That's the basics about that. What a pain. If the would just explain these things at the store on a note card it would be most helpful and not an excruciatingly aggravating buying experience.

  2. Marianne,

    Thanks....I know all about that part. It's just not working for the head. I think it may have to do with a skin mesh. I bought a deluxe head at $5k and one would think for that price a skin would come with it. But no, it appears. It's sold separately they say but don't tell you how or where and I can't find any info online about this issue. So, here I am with a white head. I may have to change my name to "Powder".

  3. I know about the manual and it reads that mesh head skins are sold separately but it doesn't tell you where or how to buy one. I assumed that I bought one when I bought the "Dash Style" face for $1000.  But I guess not. So, where does one buy a skin for the mesh head???? When at "The Shops" they don't tell you either and no immediate online help to be had. 

    These people make buying experiences a nightmare it appears. They could make it so much more simpler. It's as if they went out of their way to make it difficult.

    I ran across all these complaint posts about TMP only AFTER I purchased. If I had before buying then I would had went with another company.

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