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  1. I am getting group notices, messages from my meeroos and a few sl generated messages but no messages from other avatars and i know i should have some, very sad because a friend has left sl and i am sure she would have left me a message before departing is ther any way i can retrive these messages that didnt come through to emails or appear when i logged on due to having my messages capped ?

  2. Thanks Nyll but i have also tried that with no success, i am a premium member how do i go about filing a ticket ?someone suggested logging into an earlier version of secondlife what do you think of that and also where to i find an older version to download ? ................wish there was rollbacks for inventories

  3. Recently when i search an item in my inventory i discovered i had in fact lost several folders that contained multiple items. for example a folder called "club stuff" that contained everything i once had rezz in my large club ( a lot of items ) and a couple of others as well (folders) i tried the logging in with another viewer , logging in to the beta grid and a few other things people have suggested .....................is there anyway of getting these items back ?????

  4. I use Phoenix,  I have never copied anything ...........I wouldnt even  know how if I did want to ............and no i am not a griefer ...I am really baffled as to why this happened ...........I might try re-starting my modem as someone suggested in another thread I read Thank you for responding

  5. To my horror when I went to log into today I got a message "you can not log into second life from this computer" so I then tried to log in on my lap top same thing !!! Have I been banned ?? I know I havent behaved in any way, shape or form that would warrent a ban of any kind, no-one else uses my computer or internet. I have filed a ticket but no response yet. I have been a SL resident since 2007 and I know I have never behaved in a manor that would get me banned. what could possibly be the cuase of this Banning..............It would be very helpful if in these situations LL advised the person being banned and the reason why and lenght of time the ban stands for. Also gving them a chance to answer to the said claim that caused the ban. I have over a couple of thopusand  RL dollars invested in meeroos and am at my wits end at the prospect of loosing this investment simply because I cant log in. Can anyone offer any advise , I am in australia so i cant just pick up the phone and call LL ::matte-motes-crying:

  6. :( tried logging on today to find i am banned OMG and i cant think of 1 singel reason why i would be banned i pretty much keep to myself in desperation i found this forum i hope you are right i am re-starting my modum now cross fongers this works. But i really think if LL does ban someone they should send them an email explaining why they have been banned and how long for and you should also have a chance to respond , I mean i am sure there are many people out there who try to get people banned for silly reasons and just to be spiteful

  7. I have to agree , I have put my "past life" behind me and it is very hard making new friends apart from vampires wanting to take my soul no one talks to strangers the way the used to in the early days , I go to clubs etc and send out greetings in local chat and at best you get a hi in return what is wrong with people these days do they all come to sl to wonder around aimlessly or do they have so many friends they don't have room for another ???

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