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  1. So I haven't had an actually honest to goodness internet connection since like February thanks to some complications in my living situation, and the fact that that's kept me away from SL has kinda pissed me off. My phone has the ability to become a wireless hotspot so that I can access the internet on my computer at least, and with unlimited data, the speeds haven't been so bad, honestly. I don't really lag on SL save for in times where I would lag on a normal connection, and everything rezzes fine and fast.

    Except for certain specific avatar skins.

    My main account rezzes just fine, but my two accounts who wear skin from the same maker (not even the same skin, technically, just the same store) won't rez at all. All the mesh rezzes and everything's just fine, but the avatar texture doesn't rez (of course including alphas).

    I'm not sure what to do about this, or if anything can even be done. I'm not sure if it's an SL problem or a connection problem.

    I'm probably going to just deal with it but it's extremely annoying.

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