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  1. Eastgate has 2 rentals currently available!  First up is 113 Water Road, a quaint hillside cottage tucked into the trees.  This rental is 120 prims fo only 180L/week!  You can see it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Engrailed/136/50/82

    Second is a spacious apartment located on Main Street!  With it's own private entrance, 101 Main Street Apt 1 is 200 prims for 300L/week.  You can see it here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Engrailed/214/145/67

    Village Lore:

    Located in the far Southeastern corner of Shark County, Eastgate is a quaint little village that popped up in 1898 as a stop off point near the Route 3.5 and SLRR east junction which later led to the Shark County Railyard being constructed giving the village its name due to it being the "Gate to the East." The village is populated by a few "Settlers" as they call themselves and they enjoy their small quiet slice of the rural life. The village is home to a few small businesses, most notably, the local gas station, once owned by a retired railway engineer and past down through his family, it was bought out by Pulaski's in 2023. Other notable amenities are Eastgate General Store, and The BARn. You wont find modern hustle in bustle in this rustic village, just a look into the past being occupied by the modern day.




  2. COME CHECK OUT EASTGATE VILLAGE!  We are a mainland roleplay community with very low cost rentals.  Don't want to spend $L?  We accept land credit donations in our group in exchange for rentals 🙂   We currently have to open rentals (pictured below) 121 Engrailed Rd is 100 prim for $150L/week and 2 Ember Way is 150 prim for $225L/week.  



  3. Eastgate Village is a full functional and ever growing mainland roleplay community!  This tiny home is FULLY furnished and still allows you 50 prim to use in addition.  IT IS ONLY 300L A WEEK and gives you access to the entire community!  There is plenty to do in Eastgate Village, come check it out here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mullein/34/244/88



  4. 🏡20 Hillside Terrace is available for rent on Middleton Harbor. Middleton Harbor is the only sim remaining from the former community Cheesecake Valley/Elsea County. This sim is full rented besides this home. There is plenty to do! The sim offers docks that go out to open water for sailing, swimming and more! This is a residential sim with a commercial section as well. This lot is 1500 prims for 2250L/week. The home and pre-existing landscape never counts against your prims!
    Come take a look here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tahuna%20Bay/36/191/29


  5. Personally, I think the most unfortunate part about mainland is how dated the landscaping is.  The roads, the lights, the trees, the plants.  It's 2023.  On Heterocera there are literally just lamp posts in the middle of a brick road, it makes no sense.  I'd love to see some gentle updates done, it's an eyesore.

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