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  1. I can't justify keeping this all to myself after several years in one spot.. would love to find someone to take the other half... CHEAP rate of 6900/wk for 10k prim. 

    If you are interested here Is the url...  however the rent box says 7400.. just ping me and I will have that changed when my husband gets in but we can get you moved on in.

    Light commercial is fine..  

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Del Sol/136/199/21

  2. We have a prefab home business with a shopping mall attached.. and an art gallery filled with animal art, so we are looking for vendors that either sell pets/ pet goods, or home decor/furniture, art, kid/family items etc.. that will all play off each other to fill our shops. we have a few left and are willing to give a week or two free to see if it is a good fit.. after the rent will be 100l for 50 prim or 150l for 100 prim. 


    If interested contact me inworld and I'll show you around and get you set up. 


    biancajane Juliesse. 

  3. Hi!.. I'm an artist RL and paint predominantly animals.. horses, dogs and cats.. I also have a sim inworld that is home to my art gallery and our prefab home business. .. we are developing our sim to be a community of living,/club and shopping neighborhood.. so I am filling stores right now (so if anyone needs a shop space, they are filling up but we do have a few and will give first week free)

    SO, in one of the stores I want to showcase my animal art in a pet store, but I also would like to have awesome pet products in there as well, So if anyone makes dogs, or dog "STUFF" , please contact me if you have any interest in my putting your items for sale in the store.. we can work out whatever arrangemet that works for us both! 


    Biancajane Juliessse

  4. We are looking for a person to live on premise for free, and actively sell our homes. We will give you 20% commission of any home sales that are directly related to you selling and your choice of either a free apartment with 100 prim OR a free shopspace for your own business .. or combination of the two.. 

    If interested contact Biancajane Juliesse. 

    Here is a lm to our sim to check it out. 

  5. Giving Free shop space no obligation to Gacha folks .. especially if you have furniture etc. .. expanding to a full sim, from our established prefab home business and wanting to create an eclectic shopping experience for our home buyers to find new items for their homes. come take a look and if you want a shop you can have one for a week for free.. if you like it, rent will be 100prim for 150l... or 50prim minimum for 100.... if you need more than 100 we will accomodate your needs... 



  6. Hanging the Moon Luxury homes is expanding .. we are creating a neighborhood type atmosphere around our model home section adn want to find a few upscale creative home business to join us and have a main or sattelite office on our sim... Our concept is to offer a luxury environment to live.. and or purchase what they need for wherever they live by having access to a variety of shops in one spot. ... WE are in the process of laying the land out now.. Currently there are available shops set up and we are asking 150l/ 100prim... but we are happy to give more or less to suit your needs to your business. 


    It is our hope that by pulling together our creative minds we can create an inviting spot for people to shop for their homes and or live.... and use our resources to make it an awesome place to call home. 

    Excuse the construction! Here is a landmark .. we hope to see you soon! 



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