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  1. Good evening folks! The Blue Clover is now officially open for business and is seeking DJ's and Hosts to fill a 24 hour schedule! We are looking for: ◘High energy People ◘People who are willing to voice verify ◘People who are a minimum of 90 days old ◘People who are over the age of 18 in real life ◘People who have a high quality look If you are applying for the role of DJ, please have your own stream We may be able to provide a club stream down the line. Payment will be discussed upon the hiring process. All staff will however keep 100% of their tips. Feel
  2. Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.
  3. No we don't check id's obviously, but in the states the legal age is 21 and we're not here for having any TOS problems with linden labs so we're just trying to be safe.
  4. Please move topic if in wrong section.. Good even folks, I am the co-owner of The Blue Clover. We are a brand new 21+ adult venue here in the metaverse. I am reaching out and looking for sponsors to place ads in my venue. We would love for you to place ad boards in and around the club and we're only asking for 500L a week for a small ad board and 1000L a week for a larger space. In our first three days of being open we have had 500+ visitors, and have had over 100+ people join our VIP group. Our club has a ton of amenities for everyone to enjoy from couples animated furniture, to
  5. The Blue Clover is now seeking hosts, dj's, and dancers to fill several open slots. We are in need of high energy people who can help bring in a crowd! Since our unofficial opening day we have had nearly 500 visitors. If you are interested in applying please stop by today to get an application from the boards on the back wall of the club near the enterance. As an employee of The Blue Clover you will keep 100% of your tips, receive sporadic bonuses, and a sign on bonus after 30 days of employment! Also, you will be able to have one (1) free ad board to promote your outside business *prom
  6. We are offering two rental homes for 500L a week with 500 prims. The Blue Clover is an adult 21+ venue with games, dancing, weekly events and much much more. Our two rental homes are high in the sky 3002 meters above the mainland. Renters will of course have the use of everything we have available including our pool area. We also offer the use of our venue for parties and special events for a small additional fee and advance booking. Come by today and check us out! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted Souls/56/196/22
  7. Hey folks! The Blue Clover, the newest 21+ adult venue is hiring DJ's, Dancers, and Hosts! We are also looking for live singers and musicians! Please feel free to stop by our new venue and fill out an application! Live musicians and singers please contact me directly so we can discuss the schedule! As an employee here you will receive 100% of your tips + sporadic bonuses + a small sign on fee after 30 days of employment! You can receive one (1) ad board if you have an outside business that is not another venue or if you wish to escort at our venue. Please stop by our location t
  8. Please stop by our location today to join our team! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Enchanted Souls/47/224/22
  9. The Blue Clover, Second Life's hottest new adult venue is hiring dj's and hosts! We are a 21+ venue and do not permit child looking avatars on to the property. We are seeking high energy DJ's and hosts to fill a wide variety of times for our 24 hour schedule! Please visit this site and fill out an application today, and we will get back to you within 72 hours. https://form.jotform.com/211457581553054 Our first event is Saturday June 12th at 6 pm slt with the amazingly talented singer, Maximillion Kleene. Space is very limited so please arrive as early as possible. http://maps.
  10. Good evening! I am seeking live singers/entertainment and DJ's for my new adult/over 21+ venue The Blue Clover. DJ's and singers must be able to speak fluent English. DJ's must be able to take requests, no hardcore rap or heavy metal but everything else is pretty much fair game. Singers and live entertainment will be paid their normal fees. DJ's will receive a minimum of $1000L plus tips. We expect you to promote the club during your sets as well and mention the outdoor entertainment (i.e. the pool area). Please stop by The Blue Clover today for an immediate interview or contact B
  11. The Blue Clover is now open for business, our grand opening will take place on June 12th at 6 pm slt with Max Kleene performing live from Canada. We are an adults only venue and are seeking merchants to rent ad space for just 100L a week. Please stop by today and contact Brad Blackwood for assistance.
  12. Good evening folks. I am seeking up and coming in-world singers who are in need of help booking and managing gigs. If you are in need of a manager, please do not hesitate to message me or drop me a note card at your earliest convenience.
  13. If you are an up and coming singer in-world and are in need of a manager to help you get gigs please message Brad Blackwood.
  14. The Mystique Event is looking for bloggers/media support! Message me in-world to get involved. https://mystiqueevent.weebly.com/
  15. Good day, My team and I are seeking designers whether you are new or established. We will be hosting a monthly event, The Mystique Event beginning June 11th - 28th. We are currently offering small, medium, and large booths from just 700L. We are also offering demo spaces at 2500L on a first come first serve basis. For more information you can visit our website or message me in-world!
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