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  1. Hello everyone,


    I've been getting into building again, but i can't seem to find a good tool to convert obj files into sculpties. I used to have Sculpty Maker, a tool from Shiny Life, but sadly the link doesn't seem to work on their website. Does anyone have an alternative link? You'd be helping me out a lot! Thank you in advance.

  2. Estoy de acuerdo, esto va de mal en peor. Una comunidad que ha creado la gran mayoría del contenido de SL debería tener mayor influencia en el desarrollo de SL. Lo más lógico sería tratar de mantener a sus usuarios actuales contentos en primer lugar.

    En cuanto a la propaganda, tal vez promuevan más a SL una vez se haya completado la introducción de Mesh? Un aspecto gráfico mejorado llama más la atención.

    Por ahora, yo veo que la situación está mal en LL. Cosas como la eliminación del boton "Test Delivery" del marketplace no hacen más que deprimirme y me quitan las esperanzas.



  3. Both songs have nice melodies, and good composition imho. Before we begin... i listen to lots of hiphop and produce house music so bear that in mind... my idea of what good mastering is, is very biased towards that kind of sound. So my advice could be good, or it could be worthless, depending what the goal is for your work. A great mastered track for me would be Thomas Schumacher - Slow, or Picanha by the same artist for example. 

    Turmoil: nice intro, mysterious feel... wow reminds me of playing deus ex! Nice, effortless musicality! Ok, but the snare needs more impact, it has to be a bit more centered in the mix, kick drum too. Stereo image in general is nice for the other elements. The strings are nice, very wide in the stereo image, they never intrude.... good job. But the snares... maybe you were looking for a more ethereal feel? The hihats, cymbal and so on seem to be muddy, they would benefit from being separated from the strings sounds. The frequencies seem to overlap at moments, the cymbal specially seems to be clipping even? The song begins and doesn't really have a quieter moment in between all the action... but maybe you feel it doesnt need a quiet part to contrast with the intensity. Oh, but it ends too abruptly!


    Imagine: Wow, really love how it begins, like a rainy night, thunderstorms, horses running in the night. Really nice! Ah, the snare needs to be centered too... hmmmm perhaps it's a stylistic choice for your music? More ethereal drums, not really in your face. Hihats too seem gritty. hmmmm this has a quieter part :) Good buildup, and we continue...it's really dramatic! Oh no, but it ends too abruptly... made me think of someone racing to the rescue, but then it ends and I imagine he/she was too late. Too abrupt! Or perhaps very fitting ending if to reveal a shocking scene at the end. I would make the ending a little bit longer.

    The melodies are good in both tracks, they work and do not get boring, there is enough variation, but it seems there's too much going on all the time! Really great intros on both tracks, intense and driving. Would work great as videogame music or, if other instruments were used, as soundtracks for animation. Your style is very... well, the complete opposite of minimalistic music, you have lots of elements in the mix going for most of the time. Strings, base, main synth, drums ... all hitting constantly... It's very intense, and perhaps it's your style too. Very maximalist (i guess you could call it?) music.

    Both tracks need more mastering imho, the snare, kick and hihats specially ...what software are you using? I would experiment with the hipass and lowpass filters a bit more, find a frequency analyzer and see where the elements peak and go from there :)


    my 2 cents

  4. The inventory has always been complicated to use in the sl viewer, but i do agree that it's integral to the real-secondlife experience. It's a cornerstone of the sl economy. I do however think that it's a good thing that the basic mode does not have an inventory and focuses more on social interaction than on avatar customisation. People will first learn that secondlife is a fun social place, they may perhaps meet some interesting people and want to stay inworld. Maybe they'll join a clan, meet a nice girl and so on.The important thing is to get people off to a quick start, within 5 minutes they should be chatting away and exploring. The viewer has to be simple, and the more similar they make it to the internet browsers and desktop GUIs people are used to, the better. Ok, what i'm trying to say is: people will get hooked on people, not on customizing avatars.

    Later they will notice weird, amazing avatars and ask how/where those were acquired. When they see the potential to impress other people, gain status and so on they will naturally want to progress to more advanced options... and begin to look into purchasing lindens and go shopping with the friends they made in basic mode.

    I do think a good AO and some fun gestures should be included out of the box, because the gestures they have now are too plain and unfunny. More flirtation gestures would be a big, big plus, because lots of people come to sl to have virtual romances.


    Sorry, i'm a mess at writing, but to answer the question: yes, i think it's ok to start basic with no inventory. It's good for business in the long run.



  5. This discussion about creativity is pointless... did you see the forums? Filled with spam. Limiting threads will limit spam. When did this become about in-world creation? Why should it be about in-world creation? Makes no sense to compare these things as they do not relate to the problematic we face in the forum. What a pointless debate... is this the creativity you speak of? Well, bad news, this "creativity" is gonna get diluted in a sea of scam site spam. Unless threads are limited, or some coder improves the forum system. Guess which one is the more immediate solution? Unless, of course, you like spam. Maybe you don't want to limit spammer creativity aswell?

  6. Estoy de acuerdo, lo mejor es utilizar el Inglés al nombrar los productos que vendas. Claro que en la descripcion de tus productos en el marketplace puedes usar varios idiomas, estando siempre el Inglés en primer lugar. Usar varios idiomas es más práctico para quienes compran y genera la impresión de un negocio que se interesa por sus clientes. Tambien las instrucciones incluidas con tus productos pueden ser en varios idiomas. Tu clientela lo agradecerá :)


    Ahora que lo pienso, nunca es mala idea expresar que la atención a clientes es en dos o más idiomas :)

  7. Great idea!! It would make things so much easier for low spec users too, specially if there was a way to easily share a link to what you're seeing on your marketplace window. Say you're chatting with some buddies, and you find a cool item that you want to tell them about, instead of having to paste the URL to the website, you would just press a button in the viewer and the link would be posted in chat. Your buddies would then click on that link and their viewers would show them the marketplace listing :))


    Or better yet, click on another avatar's outfit... and get the option to see that outfit on the marketplace. "Find Item in the Marketplace" and purchase it :) Maybe even with a comission for the avatar that was wearing the outfit in the first place.

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