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  1. On 3/24/2024 at 2:42 PM, dhruvhk said:

    In the first tab of your body HUD to the bottom left you will find "RESET" and the neck seam applier will disappear for good.

    Just remember - this will remove BOM, but it's the only way to remove the neck seam.  Once you've clicked reset, go back to the second (middle) button of the HUD (Style), click the pointer, then the settings icon (three horizontal lines with sliders), then click "Apply BOM" ... this should solve any issues with the neck seam, at least for the male Legacy body. 

  2. On 12/5/2020 at 3:10 PM, Aishagain said:

    I see suggestions that we need an SL2.0.  Really?  LL tried that already, it was called Sansar and we all know how well THAT went!

    Don't get me wrong SL WOULD be better if it was rebuilt around a new, better base programme.  The simple fact is that no one can or will spend the resource to make asset transfer between the "old" and the "new" SL possible, and as a result it is a non-starter.

    They were GOING to build 2.0, but two things happened.  The SL version 0.00000 purists were screaming about losing their prim flexy dresses and that greenie's cat that cost 11,534 prims or their freebie dump wardrobe that didn't even look good in the dark, plus the cast of Rosedale haters working at Linden Road that were still mad because while we wanted life 2.0 that Philip promised, they wanted a monetized Web 3.0.  "We" lost that fight, and the Web Threepers dreamt up something they didn't want us to want (because they think all we do is throw dildos at each other), but that they KNEW the world would love and flock to en masse ... a place where you could build your own static 3D museum that would be soooo popular, because like  ... there were so many other virtual museums that all folded within six months of sign on.

    Yeah.  No one called that SL 2.0 the day after they made an announcement essentially laughing at that prospect, and said they would offer us "experiences" instead.

    But yes, a REAL 2.0 would be lovely.  And, I'm not going to scream about my 2007 wardrobe ... because I deleted it all the moment mesh came along.  My wish if it happens ... Let us keep the creative control (let us build this one like we did the current one), and let us make the avatars we want.  We love the world we have now ... but we know it can be better ... not different ... not something else ... but this one, better.

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  3. Come shop till you drop at SL's FASTEST GROWING Flea market ... FLEAWOOD @ Sternwood Treasures!  We've got lots of gacha and transfer items just WAITING for you to browse through!  Super-rare items just WAITING to be placed in your inventory ... Gabriel, Apple Fall, BlankLine, Clef de Peau, Fallen Gods, Figure8, What Next, Fancy Decor, C L A Vv, HIDEKI, floorplan ... and more!!!


  4. 2 parcels for rent with sky platforms and privacy screens.  You control parcel media and security - not a shared parcel!

    350prim parcel for 219L$/wk

    1400 prim parcel for 876L$/wk

    Use of sky platform not required - can be removed if you prefer to live on the land below.


  5. Everyone and their mother seems to have a fashion blog ... so I'm doing something a little different.  My main passion is creative writing ... short stories, novels, poetry .. and I dabble a little in photography.

    I'm rebooting an old blog name of mine to showcase my work.  Please check it out.


    Phantom's Republic

    An Experience Lived in Sixteen Million Colors.


  6. My favourite place in all of Second Life is the Chateau de Versailles in SL, a monument to the RL Palace of Versailles where Antoinette and her husband, the eventual Louis XVI, reigned before their forced return to Paris and eventual execution.  

    The builders of SL's palace have painstakingly worked on every detail in the palace, a labor of love of the last three years.  While there are plenty who have tried to tackle such a project, this Living Museum continues to grow year after year (hoping to one day be able to replicate the entire palace grounds).

    Chateau de Versailles in SL isn't just a static museum, it is an active roleplay court as well.  The Royal Family have currently retired to Fontainebleu for the summer (of 1773, that is), but shall return in September.

    The first video gives you a glimpse of the palace, but click here to see it for yourself.  If you're interested in RP, read the instructions at the entrance to the grounds, and check out the MP for period outfits.  There's not much time before court resumes!!  The second video shows a little more of the RP activity.  HERE is the link to check out the sims for yourself.

    Vive la France! (Ooops!  I mean "le Roi!")


  7. "Would anyone consider a competitor to marketplace."


    There used to be two ... xstreetSL and onrez ... LL bought them both, shut the latter down, and absorbed xstreetSL into their website.

    Competition would be nice ... but, it probably won't make as much as LL will offer the new owner.

  8. Tired of high property prices knawing at your SL budget? Want to take advantage of low mainland prices without the membership fee?  Come check out the beautiful new Wimberly ... stylish, contemporary condos with your budget in mind!  Our floorplans start at 1,024 sqm (floorplan + patio) for the very low price of $75L/wk!

    Open house ALL day ... these will not last!

    SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tae%20Yang/215/231/36

    Marketplace Ad: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Wimberly-Condos-for-Rent/3298300

    The Wimberly 1.png

    The Wimberly 2.png

    The Wimberly 3.png

    (condos unfurnished.  Furniture used for staging purposes only)

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