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  1. Come dressed in your best. Show off that movie star look. We are party rockin tonight @ mystic! We've got the best in high roller or movie star attire. DJ Lordandrew will be crankin out the tunes and taking your requests.. the oh so sexy Kylan will be your host.. we've got 2 sploders ready to pop.. its friday what better fun is there?!?!?

    Come join our christmas photo contest as well! 3000L up for grabs! your ride is below.. see you there!!



  2. I have been looking around and havent had any luck... but i was wonderin if there were any AO's out there for girls that arent so girly.. i mean some what but all theses places ive been too that are like sensual or girly or cute..  i wanna have an ao thats sexy enough for a chick but has this badass/goth type i dont give a *&$# type way about it.. if that makes any sense.. lmao its probably a long shot but just thought i would ask thanks for any help

  3. Come party at mystic bliss this afternoon from 12-1 at our masquerade event we will have 200L on the board.. the sploder will be poppin and DJ Pisia will be there taking requests. So come party with us! See you there!



    We also have a 3000L xmas photo contest going now as well so come put in your xmas theme photo and tell all your friends so they can enter and also vote for you!! =)

  4. I hope this is the right place to ask this.. if not i do apologize in advance lmao.. but i was wondering. Me and my sis are opening a shop with her store at the first level.. mine on the 2nd etc. Anyway we both wanna put stuff on market but I wasnt for sure if you can have 2 magic boxes on the same land without interferance. I am assuming since one box would be owned by me and the other by her there would be no interferance and we would be able to put 2 down. I just wanted to ask before we did it and screwed something up.. gotta love SL!! Thanks for any help.

  5. Hey all

    I was just wondering if anyone could help me out.. sometimes when people use gestures and sometimes on their tags about their head the font they use looks like dots to me. Is there something i can do to change this or is it just something that phoenix cant support?? Just curious its kind of annoying lol thanks for any help

  6. I am looking for work in SL.. I have a good amount of experience hosting.. and some experience managing as well. So either of those would be great. I am available most days in the morning times and then some days at later times like from 6pm and after..


    I would also be interested in modeling also. I dont have any experience in it but I am a quick learner. I have a variety of skins and things like that... I have been in SL for 3 years. If anyone has anything open contact me here or drop me a NC in world! Thanks for your time.

    TrishaT Demonia

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