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  1. Hi I purchased an item form Aoharu and it never got fully delivered.  Folder kept saying "loading" in my inventory. I cleared cache and logged out,  then logged back in and the folder disappeared. I then got an error that said "Inventory server unavailable"  and I got kicked out of SL. I was able to log back in after a few minutes. But the folder was still gone. I left a notecard to machang and the store manager if they could resent me the items but they haven't replied.


    08/06/2011 21:19:03 367261cf                                             Destination:                                                                                                                 machang Pichot                                                                                   
    Object Sale
    Region:  AOHARU
    Description:  AOHARU_BT_LeatherTailoredJK_withShirtBK_Brown

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